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Today I spent $150 on 10 bags of heroin. I've been on and off for years. If?ur just getting started w/ opiates(lortab, Vicodin, oxy, etc) or if ur already using heroin or fentanyl or high doses of anything...stop now- its a joke and it's the biggest form of self pity known to man. If u think ur life is bad now and ur using these drugs to escape...ur going to see how bad ur life can be if u don't stop. If u havent started, or ur a parent or friend of sum1 who might...put a stop to it at any cost. If sum1 is threatening suicide if they dnt get's my opinion u should roll the dice and ?tell that person suicide and starting to use these drugs is one in the same. Granted, recovery is very possible- but I can tell u...I've had opportunities that people would kill for that have been ?destroyed bc of the use of these drugs. Don't start, and if u've already started- stop spinning ur wheels- u'll b on the move every day, and u'll never get anywhere but jail or a coffin. I hope this helps someone.

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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1. Julius
Hi Lisa Good points. I like the point about not getting drunk in front of your children, or not too drunk after all. It's proven that the youngsters whom drink the most in the UK, are from the lover and middle class of the society, where the parents may be having drinking problems themselves.
2. Mathias Jalking
I think these five "should not do"'s are great. Especially advice #4 "Getting drunk in front of your children" is a good advice. Parents should appear as role models, or a good example at least, to their children because children's behavior comes from seeing and observing their parents
3. Kristian Hansen
This post is very good. I think it is important to do something against young peoples alcohol abuse. Getting drunk in front of your children is one of the main reasons young people begin to drink, because they think it is a ok thing to do. I believe this is the most relevant reason why so many young people drink.
4. Christian
Drinking and Driving This should be a common advise to your child but sadly it isn't. So great suggestion! As a parent you are the biggest role model to your child. So your behaviour is going to effect your child. Drinking and driving i extremely dangerous, so make sure your child don't do that.
5. Sebastian Fischer
I agreed with this post. Many parents doesn't think about how much they affect children with alcohol. Especially the topic "always celebrating with alcohol", my parents celebrate with alcohol but not enough for them to get drunk. According to the text "A third of GCSE pupils get drunk and many are using drugs as well" more than a third of children drinks alcohol and i think these topics could reduce the number of children who drinks alcohol.
6. Khang
thank you for this article, it was okay... i thought it is great idea to tell your children or friends not drive when you are drinking. many people are driving when they got drinking and should know what can happen to them when they are driving..
7. Jacob
Number 4. Getting drunk in front of your children: I do not think, that it's wrong that some parents getting drunk in front of their children. Perhabs if it happens often it could be a problem. I think that it's okay when even the mom or dad still is sober so he or she can looks for the child.
8. Thomas
i completely agrees with this post i believe that children have a tendency to mimic there parents behavior and the older once children gets the harder it is to explain the seriousness of alcohol
9. Pernille
It is a excelent article. You have a gut point, with that parents not should get drunk in front of there children, because children see there parents as a role model.
10. Dan
1: Of course the parents should take the Drug-talk with their kids, but also the alcohol and sex-talk. Because sex often appears after being drunk or have consumed drugs. 2: I would say, that the parents should take with their kids about drinking and set up some rules. DO NOT Leave the kids alone with alcohol! 3: be sure you figure out about transport, both to and from parties. This way they dont get tempted to drive after drinking. 4 and 5: The parents are the role models of their kids. So drinking a lot in front of them tells the kids, that its okay to drink a lot. I think its okay, that underage kids drink, as long as the circumstances is okay. so they shouldnt drink on the street, but at home or something like that. everybody is doing to drink alcohol, so as soon you feel safe with it and can control it the better!
11. Thea
The post have some good points, about teens and theirs drinking behaviour, there is a lot of facts how alcohol and drugs effects the brain. Parents believes in there children so much that the kids drink in an earlier age. A lot of accident happens whit teens because they drink and drive, this Lisa gives parents and inside to the young ones. In reference to Ian Gilmore (professor), he means that drinking makes risky behaviour.
12. Lisa Frederiksen -
Julius, Mathias, Kristian, Christian, Sebastian, Khang, Jacob, Thomas, Pernille, Thea and Dan -- THANK YOU ALL so very much for taking the time to share your thoughts and comments on this article.
13. Lisa Frederiksen
Thank you, Patty, for your comment and for all that you are doing to curb underage drinking.
14. Lisa Frederiksen
Thank you all for your comments. You raise a very good point, MC, regarding how we might use this to help our teens interact with other parents who may have lax attitudes about underage drinking (and about their own drinking, for that matter, such as driving after having several drinks when out with the kids for pizza after the game). And thank you, Susan, for bringing Teen Addiction Anonymous to readers' attention.
15. Susan Rothery
As a teen crisis counselor for twenty years, I can only agree 100% with this advice. Great suggestions. Prevention does begin at the home. I would also advise parents to check out the site: Teen Addiction Anonymous. It is a program that teens created and implemented in their own high school. Find out how to bring this program to your child's high school. It offers unconditional support and a safe place for teens with any addictive behavior. Teens are not expected to divulge their addicition. They simply work on personal healing.
16. MC Blakeman
This post is so useful to us as parents -- not just to help our teens, but also in terms of interacting with other parents who may have lax attitudes about alcohol consumption by young people. Thank you Lisa for this great information!
17. Timothy Shoemaker
I love this Lisa. Nice work. -T
18. Victor
So true, you don't know what you are getting into it will change your life forever and it will kill your dreams, take it from me it destroyed everything to me it took me years and years to build trust and respect. Lots of pain comes from drug using...
19. Brianna Brown
I agree, I started doing pills my freshman year off and on. smoke weed all the time, tried coke and acid and shrooms a few times. then the summer before my senior year my friend introduced me to heroin. I was offerd before but always turned it down. this time I was just so angry and had no weed so just smoked heroin to cope with my feelings. then it went down hill from there. a few months later I got on probation from a fight, failed my drug test then had to go through probation for 9 months. got locked up 3 different times from relapsing and fighting. I couldnt control my anger. im still trying to learn how to control it but I have been clean from heroin for over 230 days but im still struggling with doing perks and viks a few times a month and smoke weed. but never let opiates distroy your life! it does no good. just distroys families, lives, happiness, looks, and children's lives.
20. Alexis Carrington
Hi I loved your story and advice, but if you know all that why do you continue to abuse yourself and your body? I was like you but I woke up, I felt empathy for the first time in years. I was able to feel my family's pai: you are not the only one that hurts when you use. And by how smart you sound I imagine u have a family who loves you n needs you back. I fell to my knees n prayed for God to rescue me and he did. I will pray for you. I'm so glad I got off that hamster wheel- get high, get broke, get sick, get well, use people. Rehab, jail, or death. I'm so glad I finally got it!!! Good luck man, my prayers are with you,)