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Sactown story

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Sactown story

I started using heroin at 16, by 19 i was already creating a crime ring with others, 200 strong, through out the valley of sactown and greater areas. Had a kid, a woman that was down for me, had my own place, car, everything. My heroin addiction, coke, and alchol abuse at such a young age made me feel invinsible. I have drug$, money, biss tattooed me, among many other unpolice identified things. By 20 i had served 1/2 my adult life behinde bars, almost lost my son, got busted. I got out and was clean of H 'til late 2010. I was a union man destined for a bright future. I was crime free, drug, alchol free for a long time. I had a place in north bay area, a woman that still haunts my dreams. I was making 1500 a week from work and 5 figure dope drops while i was clean. My fiance was addicted to o.c. i never once used drugs with her or anyone else, she was respectful of my abuse...then her addiction brought her to her bottom, i came home to a empty house....a note saying how she can't live like this so she left....i changed my ways and also finally i used crystal at 21, im 23 now...and i walked away from verything...i lost almost everyone i love in this world, i destroyed so many people through supplying a region,? friends, lose sanity, violence, crime, drugs, money.

It was a historic high dollar house that had european imports in front, in a small town flooded with my dope; a luxary condo in sac, with an apartment down the street...i was making so much cash i quit my union job. By this time 300 strong through out norcali. My addiction spun out of control by 2012, i had emotionally hit a bottom, i had everything...i had a new woman, "si"ill call her. She was so pure and i ruined her by letting her be a part of the biss....i eventually bought a 6 room 4 bath house in vacaville for her... so i could take her outta my element. She didn't know about all the money, never asked questions, i even once heard on the street she was humiliated when i kicked in a door, 4 strong, and verbally abused her for trying to get high....i was geeked out. She's gone now...i walked away from it all, i was walking to the store lookimg up at the star, saw a cop car parked...i stopped to ask how to get to the store, knowing doing so they would run my name seeing i had a outstanding warrant...thus going to call because cutting a head off the snake...u bury it. I sat in jail for a month?and a half....waiting to serve incarceration...i broke down to the cop and he put it in the local paper crime log...currently i live back at home with my parents that adopted me and tried to save love them for that and ruined the bond when i ran back to my biological fam...bad broke, jobless, court ordered, in debt, unsure legal issues, carless, unsocialized, crime free, i avoid trouble, i no longer deal in black market affairs. I realized that night walk?would lead to that ..but my lonely, repetitive life changed.?I got out and walked away from it all....struggling to put my life back together, at 23......

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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