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Love Your Self

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Love Your Self

It's never to late. That's when one gives up. When one Lives in the Present Moment, there is no starting or stopping, only Doing. Meditation is the medicine, to find the medicine within your self. That's where the real medicine is, that works for you. Forgiveness is the Key to staying in the Power Position of the Present Moment. One must learn to forgive everyone who has ever made you feel any negative thought's, feelings or emotion's about them or yourself. Then and only then, One can Forgive themselve's. AHH! After One forgives everyone and themselves, the Gate to your Heart Opens so you may Love Everyone in this Beautiful Universe. Blessings of Gratitude fall into play automatically from this path of transition you have chosen. Being Grateful for what we do have, and Honoring that feeling of Gratitude Manifest more to be Grateful for, as the Law of Attraction say's, like attract's like. Along this path of Forgiveness and Gratitude, One must learn to fall in Love with themselve's. Really in Love with themselves, learn to Love everything about yourself, by excepting yourself for who and what you are. Remember, we are Manifesting what we want Now, so there is alway's room for improvment. :) See yourself where you want to be, and Truly Believe that you Deserve it. Visualization is the Art of Seeing what is Invisible, so by seeing yourself in this special place, thanking God and the Universe for your wish being Manifested, you are truely changing your Energy. Everything is a Blessing, Learn to only recognize the good in all. From every negative stems a positive. So no matter what, there is always something Positive from a negative situation. Learn to be still and enjoy the relaxation, releasing the chatter from your mind, and bringing your focus to the Present moment. Follow your Breath, and really focus on it, like it is a fog moving through your body, in and out. Look at the Third Eye when Meditating, so you can become Enlightened by Beautiful White Light. Other colours are comman to see, just stay Focused on your Present Moment and enjoy this Magical Gift, with Gratitude and Blessing's. At this Point you have wipped your Canvis clean, so you may Paint your own Masterpeice. Remember, Forgivness is the Easiest one to over come. For everyone we hold negative feelings for inside ourselve's, we are litterally puting our own self in prison, and Beating ourselve's up. So release your chains, and forgive everyone so you can feel the Love and Joy of this Beautiful Universe. Namasta ~ Aloha'Dan

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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