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Out of the fog

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Out of the fog

My first year in?university saw me go from a sober person with straight As to a drunk and high person with Ds and Fs. ?I quit, got a job and kept drinking. ?I did well at work, got promoted a few times and figured everything was on the up and up. ?"I could live like this for the rest of my life" I thought. ?Money booze and women were my priorities. ?Bang. I woke up in a hospital room handcuffed to a bed. ?I had been DUI and done what every drunk has nightmares about: killed someone. ?Three people actually, one of them my best friend. ?That was my last drunk, and every sober day since then, including my time in prison, has been a blessing. ?Now I'm married to a beautiful woman, have less money, can't move back to my home city, and I'm still happy. ?I have real priorities, and now everything's REALLY on the up and up.

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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