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How I Wrecked Myself With Heroin

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How I Wrecked Myself With Heroin

It all started with norcos After allThey were prescribed by a doctor so they must be safe right? So I played with those for a couple years I had a steady supply on the streets and I had a job so looking back if I would stopped the norcos back then my life would probably be completely different. So my norco supply ran out so I found a methadone supply. By this point I needed pills every day but just told myself that I take them because I like them. Well I was obviously lying to myself. I was clearly addicted. I quit my job because I started selling pills just to keep up with my habit. Then I moved to Santa Barbara and there was a methadone clinic so lucky me for a whole seven months I would wake up go dose at the clinic then go sleep all day. Then I got a job. So by now if been using pills for about four years and I knew I was addicted. This is where it gets ugly and everyone using pills goes down this route eventually. Lost my job couldn't afford to pay for the clinic anymore so I left. Moved back up north to my hometown and started using heroin. At first I just smoked it, but with all the methadone I was taking smoking heroin didn't even get me well. So I went to rehab, my first time in rehab met a lot of other people with my problem and it felt better to have there support. By day four in rehab though I had had enough and me and this other guy made this plan to leave and get high. So we did that but we picked up some needles and that was the first time I injected heroin. That was about a year ago and since then I've been having an ongoing battle with heroin. So far it's been about a week since I last shot up heroin but I've been taking methadone every day to stay sane. I'm 21 years old and people keep telling me I have my "whole life ahead of me" and that's true but I'm scared that I'll be stuck on medicine for the rest of my life. So from here on out I've been seeing suboxone doctor's and suboxone helps me for roughly like six months then I start to crave really bad get bad anxiety and I relapsed. So I'm gonna try and stay on the suboxone and taper off. Living life as an addict in recovery is not the easiest thing. It's actually the hardest thing I've done. That's my story and I know if you're struggling with addiction you can relate to the pain. The best advice I've got and I live by is to take it one day at a time. We can do this we just have to stay strong. I have to stay strong too. That's my story and I'm signing off. Thanks for reading.

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1. Haley
Thank you for sharing your story. Mine was kinda similar -started using pills then got sucked into heroine because it was cheaper and easier. I've only been clean 7 days. I know it's a long road ahead. Will be thinking of you as well.
2. Amanda
Good luck to you hope you are still doing good hang in there its worth it. My life was hell while using but its so great now I couldn't ask for more and while I was using I thought I could never get clean so if I can do it anyone can! You just have to stay strong and never gives up hope. The longer you are clean the easier it gets so hang in there lifes to great to miss it by being nodded out all the time!