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YOU without other Medications

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YOU without other Medications

So first off I'm going to make mention of drugs I've had interactions with. Marijuana (dunno if I consider it a drug but whatever lol), Spice (synthetic marijuana), Bath Salts (similar to a cross between cocaine and ecstacy in my opinion), Cocaine, LSD, Ecstacy, PCP aka Angel Dust, Shrooms, Anti Depressants (Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Straterra) Anxiety meds (Buspirone, Atarax). I'm not going to get into the extremities that I dabbled in these things with but for a long time I did heavily rely on Spice & MJ to help with my mood swings, appetite and sleeping habits.

Now for my opinion on the how. First and foremost if you want to get better, you can do it IF you want it bad enough. What is it worth to you and how is it affecting your family, income and most importantly YOURSELF? I've been taking the holistic approach (natural foods such as fruits veggies and excercise) and have seen Major changes after a month of consistantly staying clean. I DO NOT get the physical cravings some people may get during withdrawals but I did go through some funky mental outbursts and had some anger problems as these chemicals and/or drugs were making their way out of my system.

I got online and started doing my research on all the things I've exposed myself to and also looked at the opinions of others who have actually been through a lot of this crud I've tried. Some of the things I was unsure of (such as Spice, bath salts, pcp and LSD) I've had to look into a little further because of their tendency to hide in fatty cell tissues. So can I say I'm completely cured, perhaps not, but I'm not chasing after any of those things and have felt major changes in my life.

My sleep has been more pleasant, my appetite doesn't require any whacky smoke and I'm much more active in my daily activities. It's much more exciting to notice results than to go to a Doctor who really doesnt know anything past a text book... and I'm not saying that their medical attention requires that perspective but at least if they've been through the experience, I can confide in their knowledge.

I was in the hospital December 21-24 after going through an episode I believe that kicked in from the spice and pcp withdrawals. I felt Godlike in the sense that I thought I was helping usher in the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. There were a lot of positive things going on but to the extreme that I was keeping track of numbers and looking for signs on a daily basis, such as driving down the road at the exact speed limit and making sure I was doing everything perfectly. That's not me normally.

I was raised in a Christian based family but the things I was doing were very bizarre. I was meditating in place of praying (which there is nothing wrong with that). Yoga is excellent! My meditations just consisted of prayer without asking God for things and more just listening and regulating my breathing cause I have high blood pressure.

So here is what I've been doing to keep flushing out the toxins in my body. Research thoroughly EVERYTHING you have taken and find out how to cleanse/detox your body. Find out how long it's taken others to clean out the nasty stuff that can find it's way back into the bloodstream or hide in either the spine or fatty cells.

I've been drinking Orange Juice, Cranberry juice, water to replenish my body's water, I make time to sweat by excercising when I can and making sure to either shower afterwards to avoid whatever is on the surface from re-absorbing into the skin and wiping away with a towel until I can get a nice warm shower to clean the dirt and oils I've accumulated from sweating. I've looked into vitamins and how to further strengthen my immune system via a complete multi-vitamin to include things such as Zinc, Iron, vitamins C, B-12, etc. I personaly take the GNC Mega Men's Sport multivitamin even though it may lack some things and the body will not absorb everything at once. DNA is amazing though and if you can take care of your immune system, it WILL take care of you.

DO YOUR OWN research online and be COMPLETELY honest with yourself if you want to see and feel the changes. I don't advise everyone to cold turkey any meds you may be currently taking, as it can cause some adverse effects, but I don't believe in taking prescriptions medicines for the rest of my life either, so wean off little by little. When all else fails, retrace your footsteps and then work at it from there. There are many different methods to a healthier happier you. Try not to stress if possible as it may add to weakening what you are trying to accomplish. Stay positive and be around positive people!!! Your friends and family can play a crucial role in the outcome. If your friends are the ones keeping you down, it's time to find new friends (sorry but that's what you must do if you want to feel better). No one is worth worsening your health over, I don't care how much they've been there for you and if they are willing to respect the fact that you want to get better, then they will understand.

I'm not perfect and my method may not be perfect for everyone, but I am a living witness that it IS POSSIBLE. Keep your head up!!



Willie Deliz (31 yrs old and still kicking)


This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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