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The Day in the Life of an Alcoholic

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The Day in the Life of an Alcoholic

My name is Nathan and I'm a alcoholic, I have been in recovery for 3 years. I don't think I turned in to an alcoholic in a day, I was born a alcoholic with a very high alcohol tolerance level.

In middle school I ?started drinking out of my parents liquour cabinet just a shot here and there. By high school I had older friends buying me beer and liquour daily I always had a bottle in my car and bedroom. At the age of 20 I had my first child who i drove home from the hospital drunk.

At the age of 21 to 35 I would drink and drive every day. This was my day, wake up for work at 2:30am and start my day off with what I called a power man breakfast, a double shot of tequila and a beer drive 45 miles to my job with my friend drinking a pint of 100 proof vodka. By lunch time I would be shaking so I would go get a 40oz beer. Then as soon as work was over I would buy another 40 and drive home but it would not last me the trip so I had another store I stopped at and get a 24oz. Then I stopped off and got a 12 pack at the gas station by the house. I did this every day.

I was arrested twice for DUI but that didn't stop me. I would black out drive all the time. Waking up in my car in parts of town I never been to before or wake up on my front yard or other people's yards, that's what I considered a good night.

It was not until my daughter told me she could not stand me and hated me for drinking, I broke down and was done. My family left and I got the gun and slammed a bottle. For some reason my neighbor came over and talked the gun away and took all my guns.

The next day I went to the H.R office at work and told them I needed help. Two days later I was in rehab. As soon as I got home I found a meeting and found a sponsor. Who I later found out was in the army with my dad, lol. Everyday I wake up and say the serenity prayer and ask the god of my understanding to take the desire to drink away just for today. Today I have a get relationship with my kids and family and friends.

PS I sat down one day and figured it out I spent $1,100 a month on my drinking --?crazy.

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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1. Brian
I need help. I can not stop drinking. This is not a joke I need to talk. Someone please help me.
2. Cameron Dodger
it's too bad that many teens feel the need to engage in prescription drugs. Many prescription medications are extremely unsafe and harmful contrary to the fact that they are legal and regulated while some drugs are not. It is a shame that often these drugs are in fact more harmful than helpful for teens dealing with depression, stress, etc.
3. Allison
What kids want is for someone to listen to them, without judging them. If teens are going through a tough time, they don't want to be told what to do, or yelled at; just having a parent or therapist to talk to, that wont judge them, is sometimes the best thing for that teen.
4. Lisa
Todays society and the Law makers are mostly to blame for this drug epidemic problem, with it's "quick fixes" for every ailment and not making drug dealers do long term jail time for this crime. Fines don't work to punish and keep drugs off our streets, It just tells dealers to deal more drugs to pay the fines.. a viscious cycle. Our kids need jobs, and education in schools and at home re: consequences of drug addiction. Other Countries deal with this problem with stricter laws. Send the drug dealers far away with the bare necessities to survive, and educate,and diagnos them continually.
5. Alexia Miller
Teenagers want to control their feelings during the onset of puberty and if not given the support they need by their parents, teachers, and friends, they will resort to drugs, unfortunately. It is preventable if someone lets them talk, and listens to them about what they are going through on the inside. Alexia Miller
6. Kay Daniel
Many parents think teenagers are all grown up, but they are just beginiing to get in touch with their deeper feelings. Parents need to be more involved that ever in their teens lives. Taking time to listen is the best way. I like driving my kids to school, it is an informal unpresured time to just talk about what ever is on their minds. We share ideas and I do a lot of listening. It really helps.
7. Chad
HI Nathan, My name is Chad i started drinking when i was 17 years old just at a party once a month or so. At 18 i moved out with some buddies and that is where the problems began. I would drink a fifth of vodka and about a 12 pack every few days or so but seemed to function at work fine and fulfill my lives responsibilities. When i turned 21 i completely lost control and started going through almost a handle a day. A few days ago i ended up in the emergency room puking up blood and shaking so bad i couldn't even see straight. I need help I dont know if i can beat this addiction. if you have any advice please feel free to email me.