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Who we are

With decades of experience in research, direct family services, communications and partnership-building, Partnership to End Addiction is committed to transforming how our nation addresses addiction.
We are a diverse community of compassionate parents, clinicians, advocates, researchers and more – working together to provide personalized supports and resources for families impacted by addiction. We partner with families, professionals, policymakers and other leaders across the field to end addiction in this country. We take a public health approach, rooted in science and compassion, while championing systemic change to address this national crisis.
We empower families with information, tools and guidance to get the help their loved one needs and deserves. Through Partnership to End Addiction’s free nationwide helpline services and network of volunteer parent coaches, we provide parents with one-on-one support.
On our website,, families can find resources and information to help them address substance use.

Why we need you

Our nation is in crisis. With overdose deaths still on the rise, we are now losing 185 people a day. Across the country, 21 million individuals struggle with addiction and more than 10 million young people (ages 12 to 25) are in current need of treatment for a substance use disorder. Our work as resource providers is more important now than ever.

How you can help

This is where you come in. We need your voice to help change the conversation and reduce the stigma that is too often associated with addiction. Share your stories, experiences and work with us to raise both awareness and critical funds for families who need help it most.

What is Partners for Hope?

Partners for Hope is Partnership to End Addiction’s network of families, friends, supporters and advocates who champion our mission to transform the way our nation addresses addiction. By creating a Memorial, sharing a Story of Hope or creating a Grassroots Fundraiser, you are supporting families in need of hope and healing.

What are Memorials?

Memorials provide a special way to commemorate a loved one by creating a personal tribute in their honor. Not only is this a place for you to share their story and offer a loving space inviting your community to share memories, upload photos and make tribute gifts in lieu of flowers; but you can also encourage others through your own fundraising efforts to honor your loved one’s life. 
Cyndi Glass, created Jeremy’s Run in memory of her son and has raised more than $200,000 to date to help empower other families struggling with their child’s substance use. Commemorate your loved one and download our toolkit for next steps.

What are Stories of Hope?

Stories help unite those touched by addiction – and offer hope to others. Stories of Hope is a place where you can courageously share your family's story of healing. This is also a space for you to celebrate and pay your encouragement forward by fundraising in honor of yours or your loved one's recovery.
John Cawley shared his story of hope and is celebrating his recovery by raising funds for the Partnership’s mission and encouraging others through his experience. Celebrate recovery and check out our toolkit for next steps.

What is Grassroots Fundraising?

Family, friends, supporters and advocates of our vital work can create their own unique fundraiser or local event to raise critical funds to help support the families we serve. Whether you host a pancake breakfast, a run in your community, utilize your social media influence or setup a lemonade stand, you can make a difference.
Get inspired and check out our toolkit for fundraising ideas and next steps. We know firsthand that small acts, when multiplied, create big results and we need your talents to support the families who need us most!