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In memory of DJ S.

Created by Family Of DJ S.


I didn't know you long - only met a few short unforgettable hours before you were taken that fateful night. I'll always remember when you walked in - the connection we both felt. You were the life of the crowd. It only took an instant to see you were a great person to have around. I'm glad I got that chance, even if it didn't last a single day. I couldn't mistake the close love you shared with your boys that only the best of friends have. I got a glimpse of how big your heart was. When it got too crazy, you calmed the chaos. When it started fading, you cranked it up again. It's been awhile now but there's still so much pain. I see you sometimes - Laughing at your jokes or whispering to Justin. Then you'd flash that smart grin and that sparkle in your eyes and say, "Ya know the bulldawg loves ya!" What made me and the Oakie go to Dripping Springs that night? Why not a night when we would see you the next day? I can't imagine the pain felt by those who knew you for a lifetime. I only had that night - your last night - with you, and I still can't get over it. Will I ever forget it? Will your face and your acts be forever scarred into my mind? I hope so - cuz you are one I'm not ready to forget. We watched after your boy and tried to ease his pain, even colored pictures to hang on the beat-in walls. He misses you everyday. The questions will never leave and the guilt can't be erased. Sometimes I hate that night cuz I could've kept you here, I could've prevented the pain felt by so many. But I know you are in a better place now. I think of the hate you screamed that night and pray that God took away that anger, and that your days are filled with love and smiles. One day we will meet again. Next time we will remember each other and there will be no more goodbyes. Watch over your boys-keep them safe so one day we'll all be together again. For DJ-Never Forgotten

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