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In memory of David Robyn Loring

Created by Family Of David Robyn Loring

David Robyn Loring

David was my beautiful 17 year old son. He was my middle son, and the light of my life. He had his share of trouble, but never anything serious. He was honestly a great kid, with amazing beauty, a great athlete, and he had a lot of friends. In November 2007, when I was out with a friend for the evening, David and three underage friends convinced a 24 year old "friend" to buy Vodka for them. The boys drank one bottle quickly, and left my home to give one of the boys a ride. The driver was 18, and he decided instead, to go for a drive...drunk.
He lost control of the car, flipping it 3 times. 2 boys were ejected from the car, including my dear David. The car landed on top of my son, who had landed face down in a ditch. ALIVE! David was awake and conscious for nearly half an hour, fighting to get out from under the no avail. David was crushed to death.
My family has gone through agony...sheer hell. We miss David so much. We are awaiting sentencing of the boy who was driving. We are angry by a justice system that has no power to charge the adult who supplied these kids alcohol. We will never ""get over"" losing David. He was so important to so many, and we will always think of our sweet boy, with love. This is his obituary, which ran in several newspapers:
David Robyn Loring, born to Lisa Loring on May 27th, 1990 passed from his earthly body on Nov. 3, 2007 after a motor vehicle accident in Kenosha County. His birth father was Jeffrey Tauri, and Gregory Picazo was his step father. He also leaves behind 2 brothers, Nicholas, 19, and Jack, 14, who both adored him. He is further survived by his Maternal Grandmother, Robin Loring, Paternal Grandfather Arthur Tauri, a Special Uncle Dave Perry, Great Grandparents Helen Strang and Robert Strang, Grandparents Joan and Gregory Frank Picazo, and so many friends we consider to be brothers, and many aunts and uncles. His Aunt Shelley Sward was one who assisted in his birth delivery and also assisted in his final preparation for leaving his body, by specially preparing beautiful flower garlands that were lovingly covering him. He is also survived by a very special girl, Christina Ruane, and his 4 beagles, Merrie, Monty, Molly, and Minnie.
David came into this world in a unique way, and lived every day as if it could be his last. He was LIFE personified. He glowed, kind of like a pumpkin. For as many difficulties David endured, (and caused), he more than made up for this by his kind and loving soul, sweet smile, and his many talents. When a mother talks about her son, of course she will say they are ""so cute"". But, David was the "MOST" of everything. He was not only the most cute, most intelligent, most athletic, most creative, most loving, but also the most naughty, most annoying, the most obnoxious, and the most likely to cause some trouble. He really was the MOST, and by his unique nature, he was either feared or loved, but usually both.
David and his brothers Nic and Jack were the best of friends, even though at times were enemies. They remained close. They were buddies, and continued to hang out together throughout David's life. Their large circle of friends was more like brothers, and continues to be. There are so many friends, but in particular I'd like to point out Jeff and Andrew Gray, Tyler Kraus, Terry Swain, Christina Ruane, Tony Wirtz, Matt Sellers, Nick Blazewicz, and "The Duck"..... so many more that we couldn't possibly name all of the boys who called David "my best friend".
David lived without fear. He was climbing out of his crib at 5 months, running by 8 months, and literally riding a 2 wheeler by age 2. He was amazing. Of course with all this fearlessness came many injuries, accidents, and illnesses. He had more surgeries and hospitalizations than I could even count, but NEVER complained. This was one tough kid. He was actually quite famous or infamous for that. David was a "scrapper", and got into a number of fights, but boy was he respected. The only one who could ever keep David "in control" was his brother Nic, and this was merely out of respect. Nic looked out for David from day one, and came through to the very end. Jack has even picked up on David's qualities, and is devastated by our loss.
While we mourn the loss of our son, brother, grandson, nephew, and friend, we would like to celebrate his life! No one lived life the way he did, and it has been our joy, blessing, and gift to have been able to be in his company for 17 years. We love and miss David, and will forever keep his memory alive. He is everywhere, and everyone carries a part of him in their hearts.

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Guest Book


1. Julie
So sorry for your loss.
2. Lisa Loring
Thinking of you, dear David. Always and forever, more and more. I LOVE YOU!!
3. Debra Reagan
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son, David. Only a child knows the beat of a mother's heart from the inside. David's light has touched many people and he will live on in the hearts of many. Hugs, Debra Reagan Clint's mom
4. Jensey Faiman
Your memorial and website dedicated to your son is beautiful. I definitely feel that if more people share their stories about their tragic losses, it will help others make better choices in life. I am so sorry for your loss and can definitely relate to your pain. Stay strong and may he rest in peace.
5. Lisa Loring
Missing you, my sweet dear son...
6. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Lisa, thank you. For sharing David. I am deeply sorry he was taken from you. I lost my son Dallas July 12, 2007, from an accidental heroin overdose. I am struggling. As we all are, who have lost our precious child. The scourge of drugs has taken the most precious of human beings. Truly the most beautiful. Our lives will be changed forever. As I am seeking my own peace, I will hope for yours as well.Peace and love from Seattle...
7. Lisa Loring
Missing my dear son David, today and every day. It hurts so much. I love you sweetheart..Mama