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In memory of Michael Lane

Created by Family Of Michael Lane

Michael Lane

Michael is my Nephew.? The oldest son of my sister Tracy.? He was a great kid.? I wish I had spent more time getting to know him than trying to help him.?
I have learned more about who he was from his friends over the last few days than I really ever knew about him. His apparent love for friends and life was most important to him.?
Mike wanted to take care of everyone.? I wish he was so concerned about himself.? I love you Mike !? I will think of you everyday.

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Guest Book


1. I Love You Mom
It was nine months yesterday and all I can think about is the last time i saw you. You were raking the leaves to get your car back. lol. You also sat in my room and told me you loved me and gave me a big hug and kiss. I will never forget that moment. You are the most handsome man that ever lived with the biggest heart ive ever seen. I love you baby boy. You are my world. Oh, and Nicky now wants his haircut every week like you. Thanks. lol. I love you.
2. Jessica Marrone
I love you Mike! Merry Christmas. Last New Year's I was with you and I will be thinking about you this New Year's. I love you<3
3. Mom I Love You
There are no words to describe how deeply I miss you. :(
4. Doug Rogers
Michael, if one life is saved as a result of this tragedy maybe we can all take a little solace in the thought that you have not died in vain. RIP. Prayers to Tracy and the kids.
5. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Michael, thank you for sharing Michael's name with us. I wish he wasn't here. I wish my son's name was not here. I am so sorry. I am glad you are learning so many new things about Michael through his friends. Friends always seem to have those memories right there for us when we need them so badly. I wish you and Michael's family and friends comfort and solidarity.
6. Kristina Taurisano
Mike was an amazing person and he always will be remembered for that. During his short life he met so many friends that loved him like a brother n had an amazing family who loved him unconditionally. Mike is greatly missed. He made a few mistakes in his life because he was human just like the rest of us. All I hope is that one person can see Mike's story and try and save a friend or their own life. If drug abuse is an issue, Micheal lived by the sword and he died by the sword.
7. Eileen Taurisano
Michael was a close friend of my daughter, Kristina. I know that his loss has left a huge void in her life and the lives of so many of his friends. I can only hope that someone will learn from this tragedy.
8. Kariss I MISS YOU
Wow, I dont know were to start. I love you more then anything in the world. We just started to get along again. I miss you more then anything. I will see you again. Your always on my mind 24/7 I love you brooKarissa
9. Caroline Natale
Please accept my deepest, dearest condolences for your tragic loss. I remember that beautiful afternoon almost 9 years ago when Michael donned a tux and a huge smile at Allie & Mike's wedding. He was so handsome in his little tux. He grew up so fast. I know you all could not have loved him more. I am so sorry for what you are all going through right now. I wish I had some magic words that can take your pain away. I truly beleive that one day you will meet again with those you love.
10. Tracy Lane
To my most precious son Michael................ I love you from my heart, all the way to the moon and the stars, and all the way back to my heart. You are my everything now and forever. The bond we have will never be broken. I will miss you every second of every day. Not only were you Selden's Finest but you were your mothers finest. I am proud to have had you as my son. now and forever, I love you baby............. mommy