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In memory of Clint Flanary

Created by Family Of Clint Flanary

Clint Flanary

My uncle, Clint Roger Flanary, also known as?"Big Clint," was a great person, with so much love to share with the world.? He was the baby brother of two sisters and two brothers, so you could say he was a little spoiled.? He was not raised during the hard times the family had went through, which made all of them a little stronger and closer.? He grew up after most of his siblings had already had a family of their own.? My grandmother thought the world of? her baby boy, and all through his life she pulled him out of trouble, just for him to get right back into something.? It wasnt bad things, just small teenager things.
He finally?met his soul mate and life long partner, Tammy Yates.? I could go on and on about their life together, but the best part was they shared and son together, Clint Roger Flanary Jr. --?""Little Clint"".? As time went on they grew apart, and finally divorced.? Everything now seemed to Clint that things were going downhill.? He lost his father in 1995 and beloved mother in 2002.? When grandma died I think Clint died with her.? His life was spinning out of control.? He had taken pain pills (Loratab) for his back because?Clint and Tammy owned a furniture store and Clint had carried alot of furniture in his life and I know his back had to hurt.? After the divorce Clint met this women, and without name calling she was not much of a women.? She was trash.? Even her husband died of a drug overdose, while she laid in bed so out of it herself, that her son had to wake her up to tell her he was dead.?
This was the beginning of the end for Clint.? This women knew the ropes of drugs, where to get them and how to use them. Over a period of about 4 years his loving family watched him waste away.? His oldest sister tried everything, from tring to have him put away in drug rehab to begging and crying.? Clint was loved so much from everyone.? There was not anything he would not do for you.? He would always tell you these ""big bear tales""? and have you believing them.? He had a smile that would light up a room, and always took time to play with the kids in the family.? He was still just a kid himself.
On Sept. 11, 2006 my mom (Clint's sister) got a call that something was wrong with Clint.? By the time she drove to his house the EMTs were trying to get a heart beat, and they did.? Only for him to be pronouced dead the following day.? Clints last wish was to be an organ doner, and today 3 people that we know of is living because of him.? After it ws all said and done the autopsy report states he died of a heart attack.? But his family knows he died of a broken heart and drugs.
If this saves anyones live or touches a heart of their family, please do every thing you can to get them help.?
From his Niece, JoyBaby (my nickname from Clint)

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1. Julie
Thank you for sharing this memorial story. I'm so sorry for your loss.