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In memory of Russell Bietsch

Created by Family Of Russell Bietsch

Russell Bietsch

Russell Richards Bietsch was born on June 28, 1988 and died unexpectedly on June 1, 2007.? Russell was loved deeply by friends and family alike.? At eighteen years of age, his death has profoundly affected many people.? He graduated from Centennial high in 2006 achieving many accomplishments and touching people emotionally.? His senior year, he starred in the musical ""You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.""? Russell had completed his Freshman year at Georgia State University on an academic scholarship.? He was an accomplished fine arts student in both theatre and classical vocal performance.? In addition, Russell was a black belt in Taido martial arts.? He was survived by his parents Karl and Irene and his brother Klark who reside in Roswell, GA.As his cousin, only four months apart in age, my attachment to Russell was immense.? His character was innocent, his demeanor harmless.? Unfortunately drugs are indiscriminate to those whom they kill, and the survivors are left to ponder the lessons, the memories, and the commiseration.? Firstly, in terms of lessons, education and empathy are my gifts from Russell.? Learning about drugs, their effects, and reasons why or why not to take them are paramount to the prevention of tragic deaths.? Secondly, my memories of my cousin are plentiful and felicitous.? From vacations, to conversations, Russell physical and emotional presence in my life was, and still is, enormous.? When survivors learn to abandon their pity and fear, the only blindingly positive force remaining is empathy.? Of course, the death of a loved one leaves us with a taste of death.? It is only after the shock has worn off may we interpret death's everlasting mark on us.? We must empathize with our commiserators and realize that empathy is the most productive sublimation of our tragic energies.? Russell, my friend and beloved, RIP.

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1. Megan Fritz
Thank you for sharing, Russell sounds like a bright soul and will be missed greatly. I am so sorry for your loss.
2. Julie
I'm so sorry for your loss.
3. Raneem H
Even though I did not know Russel Bietsch, I knew his brother who went to my school last year. I don't think his brother knew me very well either. I know Mr. Steck who said that there will be a memorial concert for Russell, and he said that the Holcomb Bridge Middle School chorus should come sing a song for the family. Mr. & Mrs. Bietsch I am very sorry for this tragedy! I think everyone who knows Russell will pray for him!
4. Dorothy Bietsch
Russell was my beloved grandson who is forever in my heart. Each day I send a prayer to his parents,Irene and Karl and brother Klark for their courage. Our family loved him dearly, his smile, his songs and all the wonderful memories. How sad to know that he is gone from us...we will sing Russells song and hope that other families will not lose their loved one to drugs.
5. Juan Trillo
Russell was more loyal, more assertive, and certainly more loving than anyone I've met. What might be lost in his death, is his appreciation for life. Though our decisions were immature, there is no question his conception of right and wrong was profound. An excellent judge of character, he always found the good in a person, even in me. I only wish he was with me now, to comfort me in the way that only he could. Maybe God took him to wake us all up, but I truly wish it were me.
6. Elaine Davids Mama
I am sorry for the tragic loss your family experienced at the passing of your cousin Russell. Your right, drugs don't care about the person they stalk and take down. Russell sounds like a guy that most people would have wanted as a friend. He died the day after my son would have turned 25 were it not for a deadly combination of alcohol, cocaine, and methadone. I hope as you continue to ponder life and what has happened, you will choose life sober & drug free! God Bless you all!!
7. Mike Zhao
Russell, you were one of the most interesting people I ever met and your music taste buds are very much refined. I am sure you are in a better place.