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In memory of Martin Godinez

Created by Family Of Martin Godinez

Martin Godinez

My husband and I met when we were very young. We were childhood sweethearts. I knew we would be together for the rest of our lives. We were married and had three beautiful children together. He struggled with alcoholism since he was 14 years old and depression. I always seemed to help him out and talk him into stopping. Every time something went wrong, he would go to the bottle. Then one day I noticed it was more. He was using cocaine and then crack. It was a nightmare but I loved him very much. I tried to help him. He called me his guardian angel and said he was happy I was his wife. We would talk for hours and I would always convince him to go to rehab. One day the depression was to much. He had lost his job and other things in his life. He started using crack. My husband said the pain was to hard to bare, so he killed himself. It affected me because I was not there on time. He waited for my help and when I got to the house he had shot himself.He said it was too late and did it.

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1. Maria Alfaro
Death is Beautiful At least it is for me But I see you crying for meand I want to touch your face with my soft hands and tell you I am still with you you just can't see me now or feel my touch or hear my voice I am young again I coul run and jump and play just like when I was a kid before my body was in pain of addiction Hurting from the ravage of my next fix How good it feels to be in this new world were there is no addictions, pain or hurt but my heart aches for you I long to t
2. Maria Alfaro
Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary. Missing you. I love you so much my love.