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In memory of Justin Perdue

Created by Family Of Justin Perdue

Justin Perdue

Perdue wasn't my "best friend" but we were pretty good friends, we met in Drama class my freshman year.He was a sophomore football player. Perdue was just a funny down to earth guy but he had a bad problem with drugs.. I had never been around him when he did them but I would always hear him talk about them.. Perdue was BRILLIANT! he was at the top of his class, and would always help me with my homework..We sort of stopped being friends when his girlfriend didn't like us being friends.. It had been awhile since I had talked to Perdue until the last week of school.. I saw him and we just talked for a little while and caught up with "old times" That was the last I had talked to him...He sent me a message on Myspace saying whats up?! only 2 days before his death.. Nobody saw it coming...I was out shopping with my mom when I had a few friends from my drama class call me.. I listened to my voicemail and then i heard the phone call i'd never friend Megan, "Hey bekah its Megan..this morning Perdue was found dead...he overdosed on Oxycontin. Please call me back" I just was in total shock! He overdosed on 10 Oxycontin tabs.He was found dead by his younger sister... It really effected a lot of people in our school because he was such a smart, down to earth guy. He had always helped out a lot of people, and was friends with almost everyone. For me, the biggest affect his death has had on me was knowing that I knew he did these things but I never tried to stop him, never tried to help...and he was dead. I cried a lot, mainly because i knew that some of his best friends were going down the same exact path..A lot of people said they would stop..but to this very day a lot of them haven't. :/ And to see something happen to someone who is so special to everyone..but nothing changes is heartbreaking. If i could go back in time,I would have helped him.. and its not that I never wanted to it was that I was afraid of him maybe...hating me? for ever even trying... :/ We all miss him greatly,and I encourage anyone with a friend, or loved one, or even just someone you know who is going through a drug help them. Reach out and just help save their lives. We love you Perdue,watch over us <3 Cant wait to see you at heavens gates again

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