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In memory of Alexa Olivera

Created by Family Of Alexa Olivera

Alexa Olivera

Alexa Ray Oliverais her name. She is beautiful, insideand out. She was one of my best friends. Vegan, animal lover to the max, couldn't even kill a fly. But she took her own life, and she hung herself the night of August 30/31 2011. Her mother (practically mine, too) found her in a tree down the hill from her house. I was the first person besides family, school staffand police to know. Shock hit me. Next depression. I even wanted to do the same, but after what happened as a result of Alexa's death, I couldn't. I wouldn't put anyone through that pain we all suffered,and still to this day we suffer. It will be two months in about four days.She andI did a lot of drugs together --acid, coke, cannabis, etc. But she really liked to do ecstasy a lot. She was very depressed, and her way of making that depression go away was rollin(being on E). There is this thing, it's real, called Suicide Tuesday. After someone takes Ecstasy on a weekend, they last until, the most commonly occurring day, Tuesday, until the downfall, or depression hits them too hard. I never saw it coming, I knew she did it. We ALL did. But we didn't know it was because she was so sad inside. We love her andI want her back physically, but I don't miss her, because she's still here. I can feel it. I still message her almost every day on Facebook, wishing she'd reply, I know she would if she could.

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1. Jacque Bateman
So sorry for the loss of your best friend.