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In memory of Jerry Hollowell

Created by Family Of Jerry Hollowell

Jerry Hollowell

Jerry was my baby brother. We were as close as a brother and a sister could be. He was my best friend. I could talk to him about anything and everything. No matter what I was going through or what I had done he was always on my side. I tried in so many ways to save him. I just wanted him to be free from the drugs that seemed to control him. He would beg me for help, but then when he was sick he would push me away. Finally, after being a slave to heroin for four years, it finally took his life. Some days I feel like I failed him because maybe I did not do enough. I talked to him for about eight hours before he died. I had no idea that it would be our last conversation. I miss my brother more than words can describe and feel this hole in my heart that just can not be filled. I still want to call him when things are not going right, or just talk to him when things are ok. I just wish he could give me one of his big ol' hugs to make it all go away.

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1. Shanna Arias
Hello, name is shanna and i was a herion addict and lost many friends from herion as well as other drugs. I got clean when i was nineteen and changed my life forever through the Lord, he has been the one to keep me going. now i counsel others who are addicts and do my best to make a difference and i always tell my story because that is important to know and see that you can make it. Sweetheart the only person that can fill that void in your heart for your brother is the Lord and i don't know
2. Elaine Davidsmama
Love is something that is very difficult to explain, and when someone dies it is even harder to explain how much we miss them. You can not measure it, you just know alot is missing. You can not tell it, there are no words in the spoken language. You can not fill the void, nothing is shaped like the missing piece. We just know that we loved and continue loving. I am really sorry you had to loose your brother. I am sure you were the sunlight in his heart. Phil 4:19
3. Angela Dallas' Mom
Angie, your brother loved you, you know that. You can keep that forever!! I lost my son Dallas from his heroin addiction on July 12, 2007. He was 19. I am so very sorry about Jerry. I love that you posted the picture of him when he was a boy. It reminds people who they still were deep inside, even despite their addictions. You will always miss him, always feel the emptiness of him in your life. But you are not alone. There are many of us here with you. Reach out for the hands. I wish you peace.