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In memory of Randy Krieg

Created by Family Of Randy Krieg

Randy Krieg

My son was my heart. We were so close because I was a single parent to him for most of his life. We weathered a lot of storms and somehow always came out closer because of it. My life changed the day he died, asI'm sure every parent's does when they lose a child. The things that were once important are not so important anymore. The only thing that is important now is to honor my son's memory by living life the best I can and to try and make sure no other parent loses a child to drugs ever again. My son was sold methadone by a woman who obtained it illegally and sold it to people for five dollars a pill. She was eventually charged with second degree murder in his death which was reduced to reckless homocide. She received only two years probation for this and I would like to see the laws changed with harsher sentences for people who sell prescription drugs.

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