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In memory of Wes Mertel

Created by Family Of Wes Mertel

Wes Mertel

Wes was a loving, caring man that dearly loved his children. From the first time I met him, I was attracted tohis sense of humor. He was so much fun to be around. Wes was born in Mobile, AL and lived there for many years with his mother. He moved to Gadsden, AL (with his father) and attended Southside High School. Wes loved to fish and deer hunt. Wes started using drugs as a teenager. He had periods of clean time but always seemed to go back to using. Wes and I met while he was in treatment in May, 2006. He had a beautiful daughter named Destiny. Wes and I became engaged around Christmas that year. We were married in April 2007. He was awarded custody of Destiny around that time because of her mother's drug use. In Sept. 2007, I found out that I was pregnant with triplets. I knew that Wes had been using at times but he was controlling it at that point. In October, his grandfather passed away and he began to use more and more. He had lost his best friend when his grandad died. Our triplets were born in March of 2008. They were premature and had extended stays in the NICU unit. While I was in Birmingham with the babies, Wes went to a pain management Dr and was put on Methadone. He knew the dangers of methadone but wanted them anyway. He began abusing them and would run out before returning to the Dr. He began buying them from other sources or would be in withdrawls when he returned to the physician. InJanuary of 2009, he went to Bradford Health Services for 21 days. However, by the end of Feb, he had returned to using. By December of 2009, he went back to treatment anda half-way house. He was kicked out of the half-way houseon Dec 18. 2009. On Christmas Day,we hadno idea where he was. Thechildrencelebrated their second Christmas withouttheir father. He came backaround in Jan and was clean until late Feb. That time was some of my greatest memories with Wes and the babies. He returned to his physician in Feb and was prescribed methadone again. His physician had been told numerous times that he was abusing his medication and had been to treatment. However, he continued to write Wes 180-240 pills a month. Wes died on April 25, 2010. He simply went to sleep the night before and never woke up. The autosopy showed cause of death was Methadone toxicity. I could write pages and pages about Wes' addiction and the impact that it had on all of his family. The drugs became his first love. He would lie, steal, pawn and became a man that I did not know. He worried more about his self and his drug use than anything else. (as do most addicts) He always thought he wasn't hurting anyone but himself. We all think that when we are using...(Yes, I am a recovering addict as well but have been clean since 2002) I now see 4 children that will have to grow up without their father. The triplets will only remember the good things that I share with them. Destiny has memories of her father that children shouldn't have to see. I am left to raise three children without the help of my husband. (Destiny now lives with her mother again) My son will never be able to throw ball with his dad or go fishing with him. My daughters will not have their father to walk them down the aisle or take them to Father/Daughter dances. My continued faith in God is the only thing that kept me going this year. Without that, I could easly become overwhelmed about how I am going to provide for them and teach them all they need to know. I am blessed with family that loves me and my children. I miss Wes every day. Some days, I am angry because the kids and I were not reason enough to straighten up. Other days, I feel sorry for Wes because I know he wanted to do better. Addiction is a horrible disease. That can be controlled...just dont ever start using...... Everyone has choices... know that drugs are not going to solve any of your problems. They just make them worse...

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1. Ann Bey Rochester
I am so sorry for your loss. Addiction is a horrible disease that really can be controlled. May Revelation 21:4 comfort you and family. Thank you for sharing this memorial with us.
2. Julie
Thank you for you sharing this memorial with us. Wes sounds like he was a very special man. I'm so sorry for your loss.