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In memory of Ryan Bickford

Created by Family Of Ryan Bickford

Ryan Bickford

My brother Ryan was a happy, adventurous kid. He was my little brother by four years, and I was always very protective of him! Whether he was skiing, skateboarding, surfing, or playing any other kind of sport, he was fearless with a zest for life.He was caring, kind,and loved his family and friends very much. Anyone who knew Ryan well could tell you a lot about his laugh. It was unique, and made people smile. Ryan was tall and strong with big, broad shoulders that he inherited from our dad. It ishard to think that adrug could take the life from this strong, healthy body. Ryan was NOT a "druggie." He was simply a young kidwho was experimenting, which most of us have done in one way or another. Ryan hurt his back playing basketball and was given a pain reliever patch. Ryan did not know the strength of this patch or the deadliness of it, especially when mixed with alcohol. On the morning of March 10, 2005 when most of us were already going through the motions of our busy day, my brother was never to awake from his very deep sleep. God decided to take him to Heaven that morning. In the past two years, my family and I havedelt withsheer horror and griefthat most couldnever understand. We ask ourselves and each other, "When is this going to get easier?" Because it hasn't. We miss our Ryan so much. It is still so raw, so new, so heartbreaking. Ryan is my angel, he is the happiest he has ever been, and he is smiling down on all of us each and every day. Drugs took my brother's life, but not a day will EVER go by when I do not think of him with an everlasting love.

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Guest Book


1. Julie
I'm so sorry for your loss.
2. Lauren Lindenmeyer
I am so proud of you Bicky. I love you very very much. I will never forget that day and I will be here for you always. You are Strong and Beautiful. Ryan must be so proud to call you his sister. "Angels in waiting...waiting for wings to fly from this world."
3. Andrea Dube
Steph- I remember when I heard the news. I was devastated for you. Seeing you at the wake and the funeral, you were amazing. Such a strong woman. I was so proud of you throughout those hard days. Your speech was amazing. I remember all of your nights at Myrica, and Ryan always getting mad cause we were so loud.. haha. It will never get "easier" but I know eventually it will be less painful for you and your family. Now you have one more Angel looking over you. I love you Stephy....
4. Emily Kelloway
I will never forget the day that Bicky told us about her brother, and I will never forget seeing the pain that one of my best friends/sister had to endure and still endures to this day. I know Ryan is looking down on you Bicky. And, just know that I think of you everyday. God Bless you and your family. I love you.
5. Chrissy Brown
Bicks, You are one of THE strongest people I know. I have watched you go through everything and I am constantly reminded of how amazing you are. Ryan would be so proud of you just like your family and friends are. You have stood strong and brave at a time when other people might not be able to. You are incredible. I'm here for you always and I love you.