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In memory of Carlo Gonzalez

Created by Family Of Carlo Gonzalez

Carlo Gonzalez

My son Carlo was the most loving, caring soul you would ever meet. He never went without saying "I love you". You could feel the love that radiated from him when he hugged you, and you never wanted to let go of him. His dark brown eyes were full of love and his silky dark brown hair was truly a gift from God. We are so blessed to know that he accepted Christ in his life over that last several years. There is no doubt in our minds that our son is now with his heavenly Father. He is now free from the chains that he tried so hard to break away from here on earth. He was such a beautiful baby boy. A loving, caring child and adult. Carlo had that smile that everyone will keep with them forever more. From the time he was born he had a smile that would just make you melt. Even when he had no front teeth, at the age of 3 years old. He and another girl ran into each other and his 2 front teeth went flying across the room. One tooth ended up lodged in the floor molding. In grade school he was the silly one. Sports, yes, he loved playing baseball and was in little league and junior league for years. He had a pitching arm that was unbelievable. Of course, it was the last game of the series, 9th inning, 2 men out, slugger was up and the coach put Carlo in to pitch. Yes, Carlo struck slugger out. He was going to the major league. Then something happened in high school. Who knows what? Does any parent really know when, why, how, or who? Things changed. After many incidents he decided he wanted to get well and we all worked with him. He went through several recovery programs and even completed a very structured 6 month recovery program at Mt. Zion House in Lake Geneva, WI. Once he went home, it wasn't very long before the chaos started again. Those certain people and temptations were back in the picture once again. In our minds, Carlo was using only with the knowledge of a very few people. Most of his friends admitted they thought he was clean again and were absolutely devastated at the funeral. He was alone in his bedroom when his Dad found him. So terribly sad for all of us. How horrible this drug is that it can totally destroy young lives. How frightening that some of these young people can walk into these wakes and funerals and cry hysterically, then walk out the door and use again. As for my life, I am never to be the same person again. I trust that God will carry me and heal me as time goes on but never to be the same again. It is a life change that only another Mother who has experienced this can understand. I have a very strong faith, family and friends who are in constant contact with me. I know I will be with my baby boy again, but this time it will be with our true Father for eternity, never to be apart again. I love you Carlo! If we had to lose you to this ugly drug and we can save one other in the future, I feel we have spared those parents from the grief and suffering that we have gone through.

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Guest Book


1. Deborah Guina
Victoria and Family, I am so sorry for your loss. I also lost my son to heroin on Feb.1,2008. Your son Carlo was such a nice looking, great sounding guy. It is such a shame that drugs have robbed us of so much. I too hold on to the comfort of knowing my son Matthew Benjamin is in heaven with Jesus. I will pray for you and your family.
2. Yvette Jason Godfreys Mom
My thoughts and prayers are with you. Your sons sounds alot like my Jason, and his eyes and hug and hair. Sending you all the love and healing thoughts this evening as you continue on this horrible journey without him....Yvette
3. Robert Pattison
You started as my little shadow when your mother introduced us when you were just three and a half. You finished as the prince of our house when you were 21. You were a joy to have with us. And until we all meet again in the time to come, I will cherish your mother and your memory as we pass through the years until we are all together again. your step-dad buddy Bob Pattison
4. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Victoria, I feel your loss and I am so sorry. I lost my son Dallas, a beautiful human being at 19, from a heroin overdose July 2007. I struggle everday. I will never know why, nor will any of us, why these beautiful children opened that door. Carlo is so handsome. I know, you were proud of him. I try to seek peace in this that they tell me will come. Will it? I don't know. But I know this, he has changed my life forever. I am with you. Love and Peace...
5. Chuck Laws
Carlo When I first met you at Church and for Thanksgiving dinner, you always had this GREAT smile. It made people feel welcomed and comforted. You and your entire family have welcomed me into your hearts, and I will never forget it. I have been blessed to know you Carlo. May you forever have peace with GOD. Your Friend Chuck
6. Denise Kenneth Ray Mirandas Mom Warner
My heart does go out to you as a mother that experienced the same thing. I lost my 15 yr old son Kenneth Christmas day 2006 to an overdose. He was 15. So please believe me when I say things will get better in time. Allow yourself to greive. Pray a lot and get into greif management for support. It does help. Carlos was a handsome boy. He is in a better place. May God bless you!
7. Victor Villarreal
Carlo, I can't even vocalize how truly honored I am to have you as my little brother. You always made me feel so important and loved. Inspiring me to make my dreams a reality. Giving me reason to leave my destruction behind and set a positive path for you to follow. You blessed so many people's lives brother, and I will continue to carry on your legacy until we're together again. I will never stop loving you. Victor
8. Elaine Davidsmama
I am so sorry that you lost your son. How wonderful it is for you to know that he is with the Lord Jesus right now. Thank you for such a sweet story of love. What a handsome young man and such a loving face. Those of us here who have lost family members/children understand your pain and grief and our hearts go out to you. Please go to (my son's memorial profile) and let's keep in touch and share those beautiful memories.
9. Gerrie Gonzalez
I had the honor to be Carlo's stepmom for 7 years. I loved Carlo like my own two sons and daughter, and they called him "brother". Carlo had a heart of gold and he loved the Lord so much. Carlo fought his demons with all that he had, but the Lord knew he could fight no more and He brought him home. We will hold him in our hearts until the day that we will be together again. I picture him smiling down from above and watching over us. I Love You Carlo
10. Debra Reagan
I am so sorry for the loss of your handsome and precious Carlo. My heart aches for you. Thank you for sharing your story.