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In memory of Billy Wilson

Created by Family Of Billy Wilson

Billy Wilson

Billy was the most important person in my world.I have 3 other children, but all knew Billy was mom's number one always.He had the much contagious smile, you could ever imagine.When he entered the room,it glowed.He was a really good kid growing up,but had some problems with depression.So, by the time he was 13, he had started smoking pot, and drinking a litttle.He smoked so much pot, that Our family wondered if he would be braindead by 15.He really did not get into heavy drugs until he was around 19,he sold drugs.but did not mess with them much.Then, he got busted with alot of drugs in the house, and lost custody of his 6 year old son.That was Billy's turning point, he started messing with methadone and oxycontin, and xannys.He went to jail for 6 months[from existing drug charges] and had really straightened his life up.Then, one day he heard from the courts that he was an endangerment to his own son, and couldnt see him for awhile.All went straight to hell then for him and our family.He started up with the oxys again, and the depression all came back. Then, we all decided we would get him out of South Fla, and get him moved up with us.So,he was supposed to come up with my husband on Friday night[this was a wednesday] , and I got the phone call Thursday morning that my son had died.I thought it was all a joke, but its not.........the love of my life is gone forever. There is not one day that our family doesnt speak of him, and cry for him.As his mom I feel like someone has ripped my heart out. But, its been awhile now, and thru Gods love......I know I will see my son again in our eternal home.

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