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In memory of Michael Wentz

Created by Family Of Michael Wentz

Michael Wentz

My son was a good man -- the father of 5 children, but he got mixed up with the wrong woman. She was the mother of his last two little ones. One day they were fighting in front of the children and she took a gun and shot him in the head. He died instantly. He was loved by so many and the family is tore apart by this as she got away with killing him by claiming self-defense.
It was her story and he wasnt there to tell his side. The children were to little to tell anything.She was a meth user and he also used it. When they found him he was in front of the front door. We as his family know he was trying to get out of the house as healways did when she went crazy. There is a hole in my heart that will never go away. Maybe if we had some closure to this it would help some. He left behind a sister and two brothers who dearly love and miss him. He would be a grandfather next month and it's sad that he will never have a chance to hold that baby.
I just want to tell people if they know anyone who is in a domestic violence situation please get them help before its to late. Drugs dont mix with violence. As I said before my son was my life and I am left with this terrible ache in my heart.
Thank you for letting me tell my story.

Michael's story, also told by his sister, Tamara Wentz:
On the morning of July 23, 2004, my brother's five year old and three year old children witnessed the last battle with meth that dad and mom would fight over. The mistrust, the paranoid feelings and the anger that comes with its use would lead to dad holding a knife and mom shooting a gun.
I'd found it easier to keep silent about his buisness than having them angry for getting involved in their lives. But this took my brother from us. He won't be around to see his older kids give him grandbabies --he left so many empty. Meth had taken the meaning of love and turned it into violence. Nothing mattered but meth. The women he loved who loved him ended a life of a father, who was also a brother and a son. We stayed out of his life and his drug use -- and the price was high for doing that. Nowhe'sgone andwe miss him.
His wife went on with her life andwe don't see theirtwo kids anymore.The worst thing is we didn't do something to help them.Don't be silent, don't be like me -- guilty, sad and empty.
Don't let abuse take a loved one.

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Guest Book


1. Julie
I'm so sorry for your loss.
2. Dee Kingsley
Michael was a special friend I will never forget. I looked forward to him walking in my door because he always brought a smile to everyones face. No matter what the situation, once you saw his beautiful smile he just made everything just okay. I feel very lucky to have had him in my life the last 2 years of his life. He will always hold a special place in my heart and sole. He is missed and loved by all. I am just very sad his life was brought to such a tragic halt. Save me a place.
3. Robin Reece
Mike was good friend for 22 years. I have known the family through R.J. for at least 30 years. R.J. and my sister were playmates when they were little. When Mike and Debbie were raising their family, we were close friends. Mike had been best friends with my husband Tony, and Debbie an I have been friends since the 7th grade. When they broke up, it was hard to stay close. After a few years, we all became friends again. Now our children are to become parents. Mike, you should be here.
4. Mom Vanderzanden
Michael, I miss you everyday and think about you everyday. My heart is empty without you in our lives. But, I know you are in a better place than we are. Like I said before, save me a place next to you. I love you son Mom
5. Anthony Reece
Mike was an uncle to me my whole life. Nothing that he did will ever change that. It is to bad that he did not get the chance to see everyone that he loved grow-up and really become adults. Mike, I will always miss you and you will always be in my prayers. Love, A.J.
6. John Donaldson
We met and continued to be buds with most all of the people we met. Mike was the one up in heaven waiting for him and loved by all. He was one funny son-of-a-gun. We had a lot of fun – even as we got older he was still so damn funny. There is a hole in my life that will never heal. He will be missed by me and all forever. I love ya bro – save a good spot for me…I know you will.. your friend and bro, John Donaldson.