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In memory of Daniel J. Chirico

Created by Family Of Daniel J. Chirico

Daniel J. Chirico

My son, Daniel, was 20 years old when he passed away.  He had great potential and a huge heart. Daniel fought the fight and was using drugs starting at the age of 14.

After seven rehabs, several doctors and all kinds of medication, Daniel finally started to find himself a life. He was clean for about five months and started to drink. Daniel thought that he wanted to be a "normal" 20-year-old guy going out to a bar after work and hanging out with all of his friends.  He struggled with what he thought "normal" was.

It did not take long for him to return to his drug of choice, although he himself thought it would never happen. Daniel used heroin for the first time after five months of being clean, and died instantly. It was on October 28, the day after his little brothers 11th birthday.

Dan was a great athlete, student, son, brother and friend to all. For those who got to know the real Dan, they know the kind-hearted, funny guy he was.  He was so caught up in the whole drug scene and the more he relapsed and used, the worse he felt -- so he used again to numb that pain.  It is a vicious cycle and it ended in a tragic way for Dan, but it does not have to be that way for everybody.  There is a way out and it takes dedication and hard work.

He will be so greatly missed and never ever forgotten.  He remains close to me -- close to my heart, forever and a day.

R.I. P. my son, you deserve it...

Mom  xoxo

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Guest Book


1. Molly Stevens
My son also struggles with heroin addiction. He just lost a friend to an overdose, another is in jail, when will this epidemic be noticed? For now he is clean, but I do not kid myself into thinking he is free. I'm so sorry for your loss, he was a beautiful boy. God Bless your family.
2. Alice S
Ri, once again another ironic situation. Looking on the web for a car memorial ribbon for children who lost this war against drugs, they have one for almost everything else and I found this. Always thinking of your Danny and mine. Love you sista, Alice Danny's Mom, Always in my heart and 4 Ever 19
3. Lorna Ward
My heart goes out to you. I too lost my son to a herion overdose. Some days I just can not stop crying...
4. Edith Thompson
Another beautiful young man gone too soon. Ri, my heart breaks for what your going through. In time, the pain will ease but it will never go away. Stay Strong. My Sister/Friend... Love,E
5. Bonnie Benis Angel Bubba's Mom
Thinking of you Angel Daniel. Stay close to your Mom. You will always be remembered and loved. Sending prayers. I hope you have met my Bubba by now. Sending my love to the both of you. HUGS.
6. Angela Gwynn
Maria, so much of your story is my own. Look at our kids, how beautiful they are. This something deep within us that allows us to go on, to live through the unspeakable loss of our child, is the spark of their soul in ours. It must be, or else we would crumble. Perhaps, it is their way of continuing on through us. Thank you for sharing Daniel. Keep telling his story. We need to show people, everyone, what is left behind. What they meant to us. Peace and Love from Dallas's Mom Seattle
7. Ashley Wlodarczyk
As I keep occupied at work by surfing the net, I came across this site. First and for most I would like to send lots of love to Aunt Maria, Uncle John, Johnny, Jamie, Brandon and the newsest addition! I would also like to send my love to my baby cousin Danny, you are undoubtly missed and will never be forgotten. I hold our memories deep in my heart from all the fun times we shared. Life took its toll on a very important member of my family and I will never forget my Danny. Help this stop.
8. Gary Langis
I am so sorry for the grief you have to carry due to the loss of your Daniel. I lost my son on April 17, 2005, he was 25. I work with young adults who use opiates. We provide education on overdose prevention. I wish there were many more programs in exisistance. We are also in the process of setting-up a web site of our work and rememberances we have held for those who have OD'd and support for folks who have lost loved one from OD's. Wishing you peace in going on. Gary Langis
9. Angela S.
My heart goes out to you and your family. I recently lost my nephew to herion too. I am making him a memorial. It has been hard for us during the holidays. God Bless.
10. Rick Marvin
I just created a memorial to my son, Rusty. He died after 89 days clean from a cocaine overdose. He was 18. He too went through rehabs and treatment. The pain you and I feel is the worst pain in the world. It never goes away. Rusty and your son are no longer in pain. It is Christmas Day and I know exactly how you are feeling. I will pray for you and your family. You are not alone. I started a program for young people after my son died. The web site is Maybe it will help.
11. Kathy P
{{{HUGS}}} I am so sorry for your loss. I was reading your tribute and Oct. 28th 2006 was our Josh's 21st Birthday. He passed away on Dec. 13th 2003 from a prescription drug overdose. At the age of 18. I feel your pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
12. Lisa Rotella
Words cannot express what my heart feels for Daniel. He was a son to me, and a brother to my boys. We will celebrate Daniel's life. From when Daniel was little, he was one of the funniest and sweetest boys I know. We will miss and love him always. RIP until we meet again.
13. Connie Rivello
I loved Daniel like he was my grandson. I will miss his sweet face. I am so sorry for his loss. Connie Rivello