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In memory of Nathan Whitecotton

Created by Family Of Nathan Whitecotton

Nathan Whitecotton

Nathan was my first true love. He always found a way to pick me up when I was feeling down. He really taught me how to laugh. He also introduced me to many bands and taught me to appreciate the lyrics of the songs.
We went on walks together, played Frisbee golf and went to concerts. We had many moments that were inhibited by chemicals, but also had many that were not.
Even though my son wasn't his biological son, he was always fantastic with him. He encouraged us to follow our dreams even when they seemed impossible.
On April, 18, 2001, Nathan passed away in my arms after being out with a friend partying with alcohol, sedatives and heroin. I had taken xanax and didn't respond as well as I should have.
At first, I was in total shock. I can't remember very much about the funeral or the six months following his death. I eventually sobered up.
I decided to follow my dream to be a teacher and now have a teaching degree and am finishing up my master's degree. I was a drop out when Nathan and I met and he believed in me. He got me to enroll in a junior college and I graduated with my Associates degree a semester before he passed away.
I do not believe that the pain ever goes away and time didn't heal me.
I had to work hard to work through the pain. I still miss him very much and will always love him.
I believe that everyone that knew Nathan came away a better person because he really had a caring heart.
I still have my moments of sadness and work hard to continue my life in the right direction.

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1. Julie
Nate sounds like he was a very special person and I'm sure he is deeply missed. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
2. Penney Snyder
How wonderful for you! Congrats on getting your life back! Maybe Nate saved your life!!