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In memory of Michael Springer

Created by Family Of Michael Springer

Michael Springer

Michael was my older brother. If you were to ask me what I remember most about him. I wouldn't be able to give you just one answer. The memories I have of our childhood and even our early adulthood are engraved inside of me. We were definitely unique in the aspect that we never really fought growing up. Of course we'd have disagreements but there were never any shouting matches or physical confrontations. We honestly just got along incredibly well. All the way up until he reached Junior High, I'm convinced we were each others' best friend.
He was always so compassionate towards others. He was truly the All-American Boy. He had such a beautiful smile, a face that everyone gravitated towards. He got along with everyone. He loved life and loved being able to help people. He hated the thought of ever hurting anyone especially those that he loved. He never could stand to see me cry. Whether I scraped my knee, was crying about a fight with a friend and just crying because I was sad, he always tried to cheer me up. He'd sit down with me and watch Dumb and Dumber, Tommy Boy, Money Pit, whatever movie it took to make me feel better.
Two years ago, he asked to borrow a large sum of money from me. I drilled him with questions as to what it was for. Later it came out it was for a lawyer. He was being sued for prescription fraud. He had 20 counts that were Federal offenses which could have added up to 4 years of jail time per offense. He got off on probation. Not even a few months later. My mom found him unconscious in his room. I still remember her terrified scream. I called 911 and ran back in fourth from his room to the driveway waiting for the ambulance. They had to give him an injection of Narcan which can stop the effects of an opiate overdose. He jolted awake at that moment. He claimed later that he was only sleeping and that he would have woken up in the morning.
The heroin made him lie, steal, pawn our possesions. He went from treatment centers like Insight to Brighton Hospital to Half way houses and later the 3/4 house where he spent his last few weeks of life.
July 21, 2007 my parents got a call that changed our lives forever. He passed away. He was so close to being done with treatment but he just couldn't shake the disease. Thats what heroin is, it's an illness that us loved ones will never fully understand.
He came from a good home with loving parents and a sister, lots of friends, popular in high school, brilliant with computers. But some where along the way he got side tracked. Everyone always says that won't happen to me, it won't happen to someone I love. I use to say it too. But it does and it will unless we find a way to make it stop.

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1. Megan Fritz
I am so sorry for your loss. Michael sounds like a great person and brother, and I know he is missed dearly. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
2. Sofia
I'm so sorry for your loss.
3. Pat Aussem
Thank you for sharing your story about your brother. Yes it is a horrible disease that we need to find a cure for. Keep speaking up! Pat
4. Kristen Ashlock
hey melissa this is kristen i dont know if u and ur family knew mike had asked me to move in with him in davison when i was pregnant. so i did i knew he had a problem then but i was never into that. he thought by me being one of his best friends and having a baby soon living with us it would help him stay clean i stayed there for about a week gave him about 400.00 for rent and wanted to know y he needed more money? i found out by listening to his convo we got into an arugument i left and never
5. Anonymous Anonymous
One year today. You are missed. I can't beleive it's been so long...
6. Jill Elhart
I cannot believe it has been a year already and I am just seeing this site. Melissa you were and still are an amazing sister. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. That blonde hair and that HUGE smile! I always felt such a connection with him. We were little buddies when we were little. I have the best memories from when we were kids. Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was so good to see you and your mom. We really shouldn't let so much time go by. I love you! I love
7. Lindsay Darby
Hello Melissa, I am sorry I was not there for you. I did not know that all of this happened until September of '07 when I moved back home. I have hung out with your brother a couple of times. He has a very sweet heart and is very intelligient. He always cared for you a lot. I know your heart aches right now ,but it will get better. Trust me. I lost my cousin in October of 2005 do to a heroin overdose. We all loved michael as a friend.
8. Pamela Sadler
Hello, I read your story and I was touched. Why do some of us make it and the others don't? I am proud to say I have two and a half years clean from a two hundred dollar a day heroin habit. You are right, this is an illness that CANNOT be ignored! When you do, people die! I am also from the detroit area, and it's sad to say but WE NEED MORE TREATMENT CENTERS in our area! I was told SOME OF US MUST DIE SO THAT OTHERS CAN LIVE. I believe we are ALL worth saving. But, we forget that when were using
9. Sara Flore
Even though I didn't know him, I saw how much his death hurt you. We have been through so much. It killed me to see you going through it again, this time it was your own brother. I hope that you know that Zak and I love you very much and we are keeping you and your family in our prayers. I know that you miss him a lot and he waits for you in heaven.
10. Lea Klann
continued- he died. I was so upset with him for 'using' that I couldn't even go near him. I suppose I am still sick that I didn't--that I didn't say goodbye. And still to this day, with tears and a heavy heart, I can still hear the voice of a young and bright soul interrupted-- his laughter and his heart. I will miss him for as long as I live. Goodbye, Mike.
11. Lea Klann
a huge heart can fall victim to something so controlling and henious, just isn't fair. I still think of him often. I saved his voicemails for weeks after he died and I think of how he teased me and how we laughed together. I can't get him out of my head and I push myself to believe that he's resting in a better place than what he had to deal with from day to day; his private addiction. He and I talked about it a lot and I wanted him to make it so bad. The last time I saw him was the night before
12. Lea Klann
I knew Mike for only a few weeks and unfortunately, those 6 weeks were the last of his life. We worked together, and I immediately connected with him and saw him as a beautiful person. I am not one to say positive things about someone just because they died, but I knew that Mike was exceptional from the first time we talked. To this day, he still haunts me-- Not in a bad way but in a way that I can't quite understand or really explain: Like, how someone so compassionate and bright and with such
13. Debra Reagan
I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful brother. Thank you for sharing your story. You are right, the disease of drug addiction can affect anyone's family. You and your family will be in my thoughts. Debra
14. Jessica LaFuente
Melissa, you may not know me but I went to school with your brother and we were good friends. Your brother was a great guy and just a total sweetheart, I didn't believe it when I heard it. I hadn't seen him since I graduated(2001) but the addiction was not who he really was and anyone who truly knows him won't remember him for that. I think about him often and I will remember him for what a wonderful person he was. Speak out for him and your family. I will pray for your family and Micheal.
15. Kimberly Neph
Melissa, I am so honored to have been a part of your life and to see the beautiful person you are and the wonderful sister you must have been to Michael. I am so sorry for the things you had to go through and the emotions you had to hide for such a long time...I know that everyday your brother is gone a part of you will be gone too...but we know he is free of his disease.and that is what drug addiction is a disease. God bless you for sharing your pain to help others...You are truly wonderful.
16. Krystal Huber
Well put Melissa! Hopefully this will reach out to others and help them realize that this can happen to even those that you wouldn't expect it from. And, maybe make a difference in someone elses life. Your brother was a wonderful guy and he will be greatly missed!!
17. Angela Gwynn
Melissa, thank you for visiting Dallas. And thank you for sharing Michael's story. All of their stories need to be told. Who else to tell it now but us, who are heartbroken and devastated? Look at what drugs have done to our lives. It hurts so much, how does the heart keep beating and hurt this much? I still can't believe my beautiful boy is gone. That I will never again hear the sound of his voice. We must educate. Tell their stories forever. Peace, from Seattle ~ Angela
18. BrieAnna Hilliker
Well put Melissa! Mike would be soo proud!! He was a great, fun-loving guy with the world at his finger tips. He had such a fantastic support system from both you and Matt. He is missed!!
19. Matthew Lozon
I am sure that I don't need to, but still want to thank you Melissa for writing this about Mike for others to see. It has been over a months time since he left us and still I can't believe he is gone. Mike was the type of guy people would never have guessed had a drug problem. He loved watching movies, riding four wheelers, driving around and adding electronics to his car. He loved to hang out with his close friends and have a good time. Mike was very intelligent.
20. Gwendolyn G
Very eloquent Mel. It's sad to say, but there are many people whom will never fully understand the affects that drugs can have on families and people's lives. My family has been dealing with my Aunt's addictions since I was 4. I think my mom finally realized this year that her sister doesn't want to quit and doesn't care who tries to stand in her way when it comes to her and her drugs. The only thing that gives us hope is realizing that she is still there underneath it all.