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In memory of Raymond Webb

Created by Family Of Raymond Webb

Raymond Webb

Raymond was 25 when he died. He was married and had two young children. He was cute and funny and he had a heart of gold -- he would help anyone.
Raymond had been on and off of meth for over five years. He had been to rehab for three months and was clean for a year after and was so proud of himself. When he died he left a note that read, "I can't get off this Evil Drug." Raymond hung himself one lonely summer night in his gazebo in his backyard. The toxicology test showed that he had enough meth in his body to overdose.
Raymond was disgusted with himself because he couldn't get off this drug. I cried for two years after he died without stopping -- I wanted to die too. I quit my job, lost our house and was in a horrible depression.
It's been five years since he diedand I am back to work, but there isn't a day that I don't cry over my son and wish that he was here with us now. I loved him so much - he was so precious to me.Losing him was such a loss for us all. His kids are growing up without a daddy and it is so sad.

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1. Brittany Herrlin
I did not know him personally, but my heart goes out to his family and friends. I am stopping by to leave this message because I lost my best friend Brittany on December 23rd, 2006 to a drug overdose as well at the age of 20. We were friends since the beginning of time and she will always be in my heart. No matter what kind of drug, they do not do you any good.Please if you get a chance visit and sign the petition for BRITS law. This is to make people responsible to call 911
2. Mona Casey
Linda, I am so very sorry for your loss. Having lost a son myself, I can relate to the overwhelming grief and depression. I know how hard it is to pick up the pieces especially when there are young children involved. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. May God and Raymond watch over you all.
3. Melissa Schlemmer
Ms. Marquez- I know what your grandchildren are going, or alredy went through. I too lost my father at young age. His name was Thomas Schlemmer, and he took his own life in relation to drugs as well. The difference is the time in which it happened. You lost your son about two years before I lost my dad. So what I should say is your grandchildren know what I am going through. All I know is that I will never stop missing my dad and I am sure your family will never stop missing Raynond.
4. Melissa Sims
I am a 23 year old female from Florida and I am also a recovering meth addict. The hardest thing I have ever done in life was get off that awful drug. And even though it took control of my life, I still struggle with thoughts of getting high daily. It is an evil drug. Your son is with the angels and he is free of the evil. May God be with you.... All My Love and Sympathy-