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In memory of Sean Patrick Kelly

Created by Family Of Sean Patrick Kelly

Sean Patrick Kelly

Our Story of Sean
Hello everyone,
I want to tell you a story that will be difficult for me to tell, as it talks about how much a family can love one of its members and how drug abuse can devastate both that person and that family.
Let me start at the beginning with an introduction. I'm John Kelly. I have a beautiful and caring wife, Jill a daughter, Kelly Ann who has blessed us with two beautiful grandsons Jimmy, Tommy and a son, Sean.
We are an average family in the sense that we work hard, enjoy family time together and just basically live our lives. But this story really is about our son, Sean, the challenges he faced, and the challenges we faced and continue to face.
Sean was born March, 5 1989. He was a healthy baby boy and actually broke the streak of girls being born at the hospital. Sean grew up doing what boys enjoy doing. Playing with friends, trying his hand at baseball and reading at a very early age. He loved video games and animals. As the years progressed, he played football and lacrosse for a few years and then started enjoying the company of girls.
During this period, his love of music and being different began to blossom. He enjoyed all types of music, but particularly punk bands like the Misfits, Alkaline Trio and such. He played guitar and even composed a song affectionately titled Sean's Song, that he performed during his senior year at his high school. He liked dyeing his hair and getting piercings.
He was like a magnet to other kids because they could talk to him easily about their problems and he could help them sort out their feelings. The latter was what Sean was best known for.
Sean also had a side to him that wasn't so happy. He was diagnosed with a Bi-Polar disorder at the age of 14 and that triggered a whole series of events. He was transferred to an alternative school and attended afternoon sessions of therapy for teens with emotional concerns. It was during this time that Sean started using alcohol and drugs. Although he started with alcohol and gateway drugs, by the time Sean was 15 he was introduced to heroin and he fell for it, very hard.
This led him to a terrible addiction and his addiction led him to bouts of long term outpatient care, stints in detox centers and numerous residential rehab sessions.
Through all of this Sean, remained a loving and caring individual who was never disrespectful to his peers, family or anyone for that matter. Sean tried, God knows he tried, but couldn't beat the addiction of heroin.
There were hopeful signs along the way. I remember that during the spring of 2007, after graduating high school. Sean's friends who didn't approve or take part in heroin usage started coming back around and hanging out with him. This was a good sign and it was a relief of sorts knowing that he may be on the way to beating his addiction. But as addiction goes, you can never let your guard down because it is like the devil and will attack you when you least expect it.
Sean relapsed in late October of 2007, after roughly four months of being clean, from what a good friend of his told me.
But on Saturday, November 10th I drove Sean to a rehab he attended for their yearly celebration.
After we got home Sean went to cash his paycheck and came home to give his Mom 100 dollars towards his car insurance and kept $25.00 for himself. We were in contact throughout the night and everything seemed alright so my wife and I went to bed.
On Sunday, November 11th our lives changed forever. In one of those moments when time seems to stand still, around 7:45 in the morning, I went in his room because I felt cold air coming from under the door and figured he opened his window for some reason or another.
When I looked at him he was lying there peacefully with his cell phone next to his head, except there was something about him that wasn't right. That was because he passed away from an overdose of heroin and alcohol.
The next few days were a blur. Detectives, medical examiners, funeral arrangements all were in the mix. All of us were in shock. But also family and friends were always nearby. Thank God for them.
Sean was laid to rest on November 15th and over 400 family and friends attended his wake and funeral. It was nice that so many kids came to express their love of Sean. It really made us feel good to know that he was loved and respected by so many. But it hurt so badly and I don't expect the pain to ever go away.
My whole point of telling this story is to try and let kids know that the power and allure of drugs can kill. Sometimes the media glamorizes drug use, and we see celebrities getting a lot of press attention just because they are using drugs. But really, there is nothing glamorous about it. If Sean's story can keep one person from thinking about not using drugs, then Sean's death will not have been in vain, because he is still helping people in his own special way. So please if you are using drugs, know you have to take the first step yourself to stop, but always know that there are many people and resources to walk with you and stand beside you every step of the way. Speaking as a father, let memories of you be your music, or your smile, or your athletic moments, or your achievements in school. Don't let that last memory be a family member trying in vain to wake you or the deep, deep sorrow about your death.
Sean remains loved and leaves behind a loving family and countless friends.
Sean we love you. -Mom and Dad.

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Guest Book


1. John Sean's Dad
Well Sean yesterday was your 20th birthday. All the prayers, wishes and visits by people are good, but it still doesn't change the fact that you just aren't here. I still pray every day for those still suffering from the disease of addiction. I pray for them to try and get the help or guidance they need to battle this terrible thing which took you from us at such a young age. I hope that up there with the Angels, you are having a peaceful and loving birthday. See you someday lad. Much love, Dad
2. John Kelly
Hey Seanny - Like Mom said it's Christmas Eve. I continue to pray every day for everyone who suffers from addiction and that they get some sort of help or guidance. And for their families to cope as well. We all miss you and that will never go away along with the love we have for you son. As Mom said, we just wish this would have not happened. May others who read this realize that the loss of a loved one is something that is nothing but pure pain and suffering. Much love Seanny, Dad
3. Jill Kelly
Well Sean, it's Christmas Eve and I still can't believe this has happened to you, it doesn't get any easier. Each day I miss you more and more and just wish things turned out different. I know your pain and suffering are gone and that helps. Forever and ever I love you Seanny.........Love Mom
4. Nancy Joyce
My heartfelt sadness for your loss. I understand the struggle and my loss is very much the same as yours. I wish we could have helped our children so their lives weren't cut short. I wish they could have been able to help themselves. Stay stronger,longer.... I also feel that telling our story can help others. These kids are good people that got caught up in something they couldn't get out of. My prayers are with you to find some sort of peace and understanding.... Nancy Joyce
5. Karen Perry
John...I am sorry for your loss, your son was beautiful and your story heartbreaking...Please visit our site and click contact us...I will be able to connect with you and provide the information you had requested regarding NOPE Task Force. You are in my prayers, Karen Perry, Richard Perry's Mother
6. John Kelly
Dear Sean - There isn't a minute that goes by without a thought of you racing through my mind. I miss you so much it's unbearable at times. I pray all day for the day that I will eventually see you again. Until then, I will continue to pray for strength and hold Mom close to my heart. God knows how much we love you. Things are very quite around the house lately and I keep loking for a sign, but I'm blinded by the pain still. Peace and I love you Son.
7. Jean And Bruce Grabau
Sean: You are missed more and more each day. Please ask God to ease the hearts of your parents who are lost without you. Thank you for the beautiful cardinal that graces us daily and taps our window in the mornings. He brings thoughts of you, your kindness, beauty and talent. Our love is with you always. Until we meet again...... "Le Gra Go Deo" Aunt Jean and Uncle Bruce
8. Brian Scott
First of all, John, that was beautiful. Sean man, I miss you so much. Anytime I go anywhere, I usually think that you should be there right next to me. That is why your tattoed on my shoulder, so you can always be with me. I miss you brother. I will always love you man.
9. Elaine Davidsmama
Dear John, You are so right!! There is nothing glamorous about drugs. Especially the parts that only families planning funerals and dealing with law enforcement can know. Our kids lived life out loud but their death was silent and crushingly hurtful, and the pain was deafening. How precious was your Sean and he will be missed by all of us. Our world has one less beautiful person to brighten the day. I pray for all those using to find help!And others to never start!
10. Michelle Iannicelli
John and Jill- I think about you and pray for you and your whole family daily. I knew Sean from the start as a shy, gentle and loving boy. It always impressed me how he always had a hug and an "I love you" for Oma (even as a teenager). I will remember him always. I will also remember you and your family in my prayers that you will have healing and strength for each day. Love, Michelle
11. Jim Iannicelli
Thanks for having the courage to write this J.K. Sean's story will be saved for our Matthew to read when he is old enough to understand. I will always think the world of Sean. What a special young man. Always quick to stand, shake my hand and ask how I was doing at our family get togethers. May his legacy help any of those who are troubled or fighting an addiction and may God bless Sean, you, Jill and your family for ever and ever.
12. Heather Pajak
Time still has passed, and there is so much I wish I had done while you were around. I should have done that cartwheel in Kelly's backyard when you told me to try it even if I fell. I should have smiled that night when you told me to cheer up because I was having a bad day. So many more things I should have done, but the most important one I did and that was getting to know you more. You will be missed dearly and we all love you :)
13. Amy Burke
Dear Sean- Although I did not know you personally, I do know you were a wonderful person. I have worked with your Dad and I am very good friends with your Aunt Mary. May God continue to bless your soul. Amy Burke
14. Lauren B.
Dear Seanny, Thank you for being such a great cousin. Every time we would have a family party, I would be SO excited that Seanny and Cassie were coming. I love you so much and I wish that you were still here with me. I love you. Seanny, God Bless You.
15. Oma Kelly
My dearest Sean, Not a day goes by that my mind travels back 19 years and I see your sweet face and little smile. You grew up to be the most caring and loving grandson a proud oma could ever have. I see you daily waiting for the school bus flashing a smile and a wave. I remember the sleepover at my house with Cassie. Your monsterous consumptions of chipped beef for breakfast still make me smile. Oh how I wish you were still here to have some more and I wish you were here today. I love you.
16. Amanda Zuniga
Mr. Kelly, that was truly beautiful; it brought a tear to my eye. Sean was my big brother, he may have not been blood but he was always closer to me than my own blood brother. "Little sister" was my name to Sean. Sean gave me the strength to live, when I believed I had nothing left to give. Sean was the most loving and supportive person I have ever encountered. I miss him everyday of my life for my heart aches without him. Sean was not defined by the drugs, he was defined by his loving
17. Kelly Kelly
You are missed everyday Sean. Me, Mom and Dad miss you SO SO much. I can't wait till I see you again. You always made me laugh, no matter what. I'll never let Jimmy and Tommy forget what a great Uncle they had. And, you wrote a very nice story Mom and Dad. I love you Sean...
18. Trisha Marinaro
This memorial was so true and had me crying. I miss him so much, but I can't even imagine the grief you guys are going through. I lost a dear friend, but you guys lost an amazing son. I thought he was doing so good too, last time I spoke with him he had stopped and was so happy about it. But at least we know he's happy and looking out for all of us.
19. Kaytee Heykoop
That was beautifully written papa dukes. Keep staying strong. Sean, wow, I thought that after the first few months that this would be easier, I was so incredibly wrong. If anything, it got that much harder. I am so greatful that we became really close, and I was able to be a good friend to you. You were like a big brother to me, and you took really good care of me, and I just want to thank you, for everything. It was awesome to be at your graduation too.
20. Autumn Edows
The best brother a gal could ask for. You were ALWAYS by my side through the roughest of patches. You held my life and personal relationships in tact, so for what it's worth, you really saved me. By the same token, I hope that I was able to do the same amount of all you did, for you, since you truly deserve to have the same done in return. I'll never forget you, Seanny, you meant the world to me then and still do now. Rest peacefully, and may you always watch over us all.
21. Theresa Basting
To Mr. & Mrs. Kelly, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I came to this page researching heroine toxicity. My dear son Jason died March 5th 2008 of a heroine overdose. You describe your son in ways, the way I describe my son. I just wanted to say I am again sorry for your loss. Sincerly, Terri Basting
22. Sheila Le Blanc
Dear Mr.& Mrs. Kelly, I was so saddened to hear about the loss of your son Sean, and I am deeply sorry for your loss. I can't begin to imagine the pain you and your family are going through; were not supposed to bury our children. I never had the pleasure of meeting Sean but as I read the memorial and the tributes I feel as if a part of me did know Sean. I am not an over religous person Mr. Kelly but I just wanted to say may God Bless and watch over you and your family. Sheila LeBlanc
23. Jean Grabau
Our Sean: Handsome, intelligent, loving and artistic. I know you are with God smiling down on us. Take special care of your parents, as you were their world. Know that your extended family and friends truly loved you. You touched many peoples lives and made more of an impact in your 18 years than most do in a full lifetime. You are missed every minute of every day. But when we see you again, it will be for eternity. We can all smile again! I love you Seanny! (Gerber baby!!) Love, Aunt Jean
24. Steve Vaughan
Mr. Kelly: Thank you for sharing Sean with us. I too have a daughter 2 weeks younger than Sean. She got into heroin through another boy and has struggled since. She has a year clean and is in a long term recovery program out west. I miss her so bad, because she was my life. My only child, and my best lifelong accomplishment. I can only imagine what your family has gone through, and you have my respect and sympathy. I still have hope for Jessica, and I too am working with our community to help.
25. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Look at this beautiful child! It isn't right. I was blessed to read this memorial for Sean Patrick. Thank you. It doesn't get easier, story by story. It gets harder. Harder to believe that these beautiful human beings who are our greatest loves have now left us behind. The pain of that will never go away, like they did. "Nothing Gold Can Stay". It always reminded me of my boy Dallas. Now it reminds me of all of them. He's beautiful John. Love and Peace to you and your family.
26. Kevin White
Hey Sean. I wish I got to know you better. I just wanted you to know that your story will always keep me from relapsing. I'll never forget you.
27. Chuckie B.
I love you Sean.
28. Mary Bishiop
Sean, there's not much I can say that I have not already said and prayed. You will be in my heart forever and ever. My thoughts and prayers are with you each day, and I will continue to ask God to keep you in his loving embrace until we meet again. I love you, I love your parents and I hope that someday my brother's message will be read by a lost soul who is contemplating the same crossroad and in spite of the temptation, makes the choice to embrace life and love. Love Always, Auntie M
29. Chris Unger
Well, where do I begin. We were close. You left for rehab. Then we were closer than ever. Each day really gets to me when I think about how we used to do this and used to do that. Every part of my day somehow involves something we did or remind me of you in some way. Some days are harder than others but I have your parents to thank for that. If it wasnt for them things would be harder. It just isn't the same without you here man. I miss you everyday and cant wait to see you again. I love you.