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In memory of Daniel Frankowiak

Created by Family Of Daniel Frankowiak

Daniel Frankowiak

I received the phone call while driving my Son to school. That was the hardest drive of my life. I had to drop off my son and rush to where Daniel had been staying. He was staying with a dear family friend that was helping him out. I walked in the door and there he was. Sitting Indian style on the floor, dead.

Daniel led a life that could be made into a movie. His Mother was addicted to heroin, among every other drug you can imagine, and she overdosed when he was 20. His Father left when he was little and his stepfather died when he was 22. Daniel was the oldest child of four. He had two brothers and a sister. All four of them were in and out of foster homes their entire lives. Daniel practically raised those children. My sister was too strung out on drugs.

At age 12 Daniel told his Mom he was hungry and she told him to go to school and ask someone for food. He knew there was no food for his siblings. That was the day that poor boy turned his Mother in to save his brothers and sister. She lost custody for good at that point. What guilt he must have lived with. He did a very brave thing but the outcome did not go the way it should have. They were all split up.

He had so many inner demons to deal with. He had the kindest heart and even at the worst of his addiction he never wanted to bother me with his problems. Never stole, never asked for money, never did any of the usual things an addict does.

He went to rehab in 2008 after finally admitting he was doing heroin. Oh, he suffered so much. More with the emotional part than any. He stayed clean and was trying so hard to live a good and healthy life. However, on April 9th, 2009 he did Heroin for the last time. He died.

I found a journal and he shared how desperately he wanted to do well, but would always end up doing the same old destructive things. I miss him so much. I can't even comprehend yet that he is gone. I want him back. I hate heroin, I hate addiction. Something needs to be done.

I love my sweet Daniel. He will be a part of my heart forever along with my Father and my Sister. Addiction is killing off my family and I want it to stop.

Talk to your children. Listen to your children. Educate yourself so you know what to look for. Do anything in your power to help your loved ones. They are hurting. I love you Daniel.

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Guest Book


1. Julie
I'm so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you on this anniversary.
2. Amy Hertog
For Danny- You are in my heart even though we never met. I have wept for you and prayed for you and your family. You have somehow managed to bring strangers together in friendship. You are one hardworking angel. Keep on shining and feeling all of the love that we send to you.
3. Annie Miller
Missing you so much. You are heavy on my heart and on my mind today. Wish you were here. I love you. Grandma
4. Angela Gonzalez
6/8/11 - Happy Birthday Daniel! I love you!!!!! I miss you!!!!!! XOXOXO
5. Angela Gonzalez
8/11/11. Missing you like crazy. We all love you so much!! XOXOXOXO. Wish you were here with us. :( I love you! Love Auntie Angie. XOXO :)