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In memory of Travis Swan

Created by Family Of Travis Swan

Travis Swan

Travis Swan was 22 years old when he decided to take his own life. He began using drugs in high-school. In his second year of college he admitted to his mother that he had an addiction to methamphetamine and bravely asked that she help him. After completing an inpatient treatment program in Montana, Travis moved to a halfway house in Louisiana. He eventually left to finally began a life of freedom and found a job, an apartment and made some friends. He also had a loving family who supported him through this re-establishment time. But on October 31, 2004, Travis ended his own life because he could not continue the fight against the drugs, which constantly tormented him. Everyone thought Travis was fine. He was a tough kid. He had a sense of humor and was extremely bright. Travis was also one of those people that could click with just about anyone, regardless of age, gender, or race. He was a sweet, loving, intelligent young man. He leaves behind his loving mother, father, stepparents, grandparents, a brother and a sister, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends. Travis, you will always be in our hearts and we will forever miss you.

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Guest Book


1. Sebastian
It was incredibly brave of Travis to ask for help when he realized that he was in trouble. I am so sorry for your loss.
2. Julie
So sorry for your loss.
3. Ken Inc
Bro, you're a brave guy. May you rest in peace.
4. Kay B
I am so sorry to hear about your son Travis. My father died of a drug overdose on herion in 1996. My father was in and out of jail my whole childhood. It's so sad how drugs get a hold of such smart, wonderful people and destroy families. I call drugs "DEVILS CANDY". God bless you and your family.
5. Connie Dalrymple
I am sorry to hear what has happened to Travis. Drugs are killing so many. I have a brother who has an addiction to meth and my mother and I have done evrything we can think of to help him. Reading Travis's story reminds me of my brother. Your family will be in my prayers.
6. Dasie Woods
You shoud not do drugs. I used drugs for two years and my life was so messed up. I left my entire family for my boyfriend, and I left my best friend. I do not want you to go through this. Please stop if you are using drugs.
7. Pam Cinnamon
God Bless you for having shared your devasting story. I am so sorry Travis lost his battle against meth. Please know in your heart that you did not fail. Meth changes us all, leaving us weak and ashamed. It is not a parent's fault when this drug takes over their child. Meth can strike down anyone, no matter race, financial status, or social position. I commend you on your tribute to Travis and applaud you for coming forward with his story. I know his/your story will make a difference. Thank you.
8. Isaias Aguirre
I just wanted to say that he looked like a strong and nice young man that had a long life ahead of him. I had the same problem too. It hurts me to see or hear stories like this because I could have been in the same situation.
9. Jill Sell
I am saddened to hear that meth controlled another young person's life. My son, Austin, was also 22 when he took his life this past August. He had a 6 year love affair with meth. I am sorry for your loss. Let's fight together this war. Please visit my son's memorial website at: God Bless You!
10. Paula Bruckner
My son, Adam, left us om 09/06/06 due to a heroin overdose. Your boy and mine were the same age, different drug of choice, but same outcome. I am very sorry for your pain. How are you managing? We are not doing very well.
11. Dottie Whitaker
Ellen, This is really a wonderful tribute to your Travis. He may help to save someone else from the torture of addiction.
12. Karen Paul
A tribute to Travis and his awesome mom Ellen...thinking of you and your sweet boy every day...' Luv and hugs, Karen Chris' aunt
13. Brenda Lewis
Thank you for sharing Travis with us. It's so sad what drugs can do to people. So sad Travis got caught up in that and wanted help, got help, and still lost the battle. That is how powerful drugs are. He fought a hard battle. I'm so sorry that you are gone Travis. Love Brenda