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In memory of Rob

Created by Family Of Rob


My brother robbie was the light of our life,always goofing around and making people laugh. Everyone who met him loved him.
One year ago today his body was found in a known drug dealer's house in another part of town. Robbie's truck had broke down and he stopped there to try and fix it. When it couldnt be fixed he decided to hang out for a while. While he was there he took a shot of methadone. He had been addicted to oxycontin for about a year (since the death of his daughter) but had been in rehab and we thought he was clean. There were several people with him that night and no one called an ambulance untill after it was too late. Some "friends".
My heart is absolutely broken and my family is devistated.
There are lots of "nice" pictures of suits and whatnot but i choose this picture because this was the "real" rob. Always showing off, goofing around, a real class clown. He was the sunshine in or family. There was no being sad when you were around him.
Im sure he felt a great deal of pain after his daughter died when she was run over by a car but tried to pretend everything was ok. Deep down everything wasn't. If only id have known, i would have done ANYTHING to help him. We miss him so much.

This memorial add will appear in todays paper, as it has been one year ago today since he died.
In loving memory of Robert Spencer,
who passed away October 11th 2004.

Oneyear has passed
since you were taken from us
so early in your life
Forever remembering
your infectious smile,
your great spirit
and your passion forlife.
Your memory we treasure
Missing you always,
and loving you forever.

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