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In memory of Jason Spayde

Created by Family Of Jason Spayde

Jason Spayde

Where do I begin. Well it started out on a Saturday night.. I had no plans on going out. A friend told me she was having a bbq and to come over...I was hesitant because I was just getting over a drug addiction and was worried about being out...I decided to go out anyway...When I got there you were the first thing I noticed.How odd it was to me that you were this preppy dressed guy with tattoos all over your legs..As the night progressed I noticed you more and more.Then you finally came over and sat with me on the swing..Thinking I would hear a quick one liner from you. Instead, you told me I had ugly feet.From there I new it would get interesting. The night progressed and we talked more and more. You told me about your son and how you were trying to ovrecome a drug addiction. You were so proud of yourself and all you were achieving.A good relationship with your family again and a new career oppurtunity the Army! From that day forward I had no idea that you would leave such an impact on my life. We said our goodbyes that morning. You promised you would call me. A day later i got your voicemail and we planned to go to dinner. That night was amazing and so was the entire time we spent together. I didnt see the bad jason that everyone told me about. I saw the most loving caring kindest human being I had ever met. When I was hurting you were there, when I needed a boyfriend you were there, when I needed a girlfriend you were there painting my nails. Our long talks at night about lifes trials and errors. Our weekends with Brandon and how we acted like kids again. Our walks through the town talking about life and our future.....But those days are gone now, just memories in my head...That that Saturday you chose to go out. One last good time before you go in the Army. I said ok and kissed you goodbye. Little did I Know It would be our final kiss goodbye.Only you have the answer on why you did what you did that night jason. Only God can judge the decisions we make it life. The choice you made was a very poor choice. But God took you from us for a reason.All I hope is that your in heaven blasting on ur CBR 1000 or whatever dirtbike/streetbikes they have up there and laughing and being the Jason everyone will remember.Just know that I love you more than anything in this world. I will make you proud.I'll make awarness to this horrible disease and how it doesn't just affect the deceased but all around who loved you. Your forever in my heart jason..

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