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In memory of Garrett Gardner

Created by Family Of Garrett Gardner

Garrett Gardner

Garrett was the All American in high school football, wresling andknown to all his class as "Big Red." He lettered in both ofthe aforementioned sports and was a popular guy -- that is to say he had many friends,was well liked, and respected by his peers. I believe his greatest strength was also his greatest weakness, his love and trust of everyone around him put him in harms way, and on a path that ended his life too soon at theage of27.
Someone whooffers you "drugsknown to kill" to first time users andexpects you tojoin in to be part of the group orbe accepted, is morallyincomprehensible and just wrong! NOWis the time to exercize your brain, not destroyit. Use good judgement and don't relent to pressure.
The life you live affects everyone around you! You're kidding only yourself if you think otherwise. Garrett's family --his son and daughter --will be forever and profoundly affectedby hisdeath. As for the rest of us,we can only speculate aboutthe lives anddeeds that will be left untouched and undone in his passing.
We won'tseeGarrett anymore now that he has passed --onlymemories remain. We love you we all and want you to know, "The true measure of a Man isnot in how much he has, but rather,the way in which he isremembered..."
IbelieveIf Garrett were here today he would be tellingeveryone thatwould listen,about the dangers of meth addiction and how it "almost" ruined his life.It's too latenow for Garrett to do that.Ipray and hope that hismessagewill be heard by many,embraced by all who hear it, andperhapseven save a life (maybe yours).I know he'sreachingoutfrom heavenwith this message to save as many as possible.
God's speed my nephew,
Uncle Brad &Aunt Jeannie

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Sorry for the loss of your son Garrett. I lost my son Robert Winn last year to meth. He was 38. I wish I could go back in time and change what happend to them. We just need to keep telling their stories to the world and maybe we can save someone else. God Bless you
2. Tanya V.
Your story about Garrett has touched my soul. I am a recovering meth addict. Your family is in my prayers.. thank you for sharing your story.