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In memory of Kirk McConnell

Created by Family Of Kirk Mcconnell

Kirk McConnell

My nephew Kirk was amazing. He was obsessed with music, listening to his iPod and playing the drums. He was always inviting others to listen to his new beat or look at the latest video on YouTube. He wanted to be a DJ. His best friend was his sister Bre, and he loved his little brother Kobe. He was also close to his cousins, Kaitlyn and Kenyon. For years, Kirk created videos with his friends and uploaded them to YouTube. He had an uncanny ability to make everyone around him laugh. On July 25, 2010, my sister found Kirk dead in his bedroom. He was only 15-years-old. Two weeks before his death, a new "friend" had taught him how to extract freon from an air conditioning unit into a bag. He would then put the bag over his head and inhale. This was what he had been doing the night before he died. Our family is completely shattered by Kirk's death. We wake up every morning, praying that it was just a horrible dream...but it's not. We will never again hear his voice, see his beautiful face or hug him. Since his death, numerous friends and acquaintances of Kirk's have promised sobriety. Several have checked into rehab. Others have returned to school in his honor. We are so proud of them and wish them success. My sister, in time, would like to share her story and information about huffing across the state in junior highs, high schools and parent's groups. Though we had to lose Kirk, we hope that his death will spread awareness and save lives.

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Guest Book


1. Julie
So sorry for your loss.
2. Brandi McConnell
forever young my beautiful boy! I will forever fight to save lives in your honor!