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In memory of Rodolpho Felicetti

Created by Family Of Rodolpho Felicetti

Rodolpho Felicetti

My father was a Vietnam vetfrom 1966 to 1967. He was shot in the war and became addicted to morphine, which drove him ultimately to heroin.
My father Rudy was a fun guy to be around. However, at times he would totally change. Heroin robbed me of my father long before he died.
I really miss him especially now that I have two children of my own. Dad never got to see his grandchildren. I am incredibly saddened by this as you can imagine.
My parents were divorced when I was young and I was always being reminded of how worthless he was by my mother's side. I wish I could talk to him & tell him now that I've grown that I understand him more. I know he wasn't all to blame.
I wish I had told him, I feel guilty about some of the things I said to him when I was young. I now know he tried hard and my mother was selfish when it came to us kids.
R.I.P. Daddy. I love you papa.
Love your son, Flugal

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1. Theresa Basting Jason's Mother
He was not all to blame. "It was not him but his body that became addicted". He loved you. If he did not how much you loved him in life, he knows now. Do not feel guilty about what you said to him, you were trying to help him see how his behavior affected you. Your mother was selfish out of her deep love for you. God's peace be with you.