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In memory of Eric Geary

Created by Family Of Eric Geary

Eric Geary

Eric was my big brother. He was my everything. He was my best friend, my protector, my hero. For three years my family and I suffered through the horror of addiction with my brother. Addiction is something I would not wish on anyone. Heroin has ruined my life and took my brother away from me. It has been two years since I lost my brother. Although people say time heals all, there are some days I can barely get through without him. My brother is still my hero, along with anyone who has ever had to deal with this terrible disease. Eric left behind loving parents, a little brother and sister, a fiancé, and a beautiful baby girl who will never truly know what a wonderful person her father was. My advice to anyone who is dealing with addiction is take one day at a time, things will get bad. For every step forward, you will take ten backwards, but never quit.

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1. Lisa Silvano
My twin sister died of a heroin overdose 9 years ago and my heart breaks every time I read someone else's takes me right back to that day. I am very sorry for your loss and I will tell you, time may heal, but it never gets any easier. I wish you and your family all the best.
2. Katie Ramirez A Friend Of Brandon Makowski
I am very sorry to hear about your brother. My very good friend passed away a month and a day ago from a heroin overdose. I feel as though he is happy now, free from his addiction, and is in a beautiful place. Keep your head high. Live on with the memories, and one day we will both see them again. My heart goes out to you.
3. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Jenna, good words of wisdom. I am so sorry about Eric. I lost my son Dallas 5 months ago of an accidental heroin overdose. My beautiful child gone. You are not alone in your grief. They say it takes years; years to even fully function again after such a loss. It is so hard! You too, take one day at a time. Dallas leaves behind 3 brothers who grieve deeply. Sibling love is special. I am so sorry. Keep telling Eric's story!! He is with you. Love and Peace from Seattle...
4. Elaine Davidsmama
You are right!! Addiction sucks and death of a close loved one leaves you with lots of bad days. I admire anyone who is able to beat this disease, but no one can do it alone. Phil 4:19!! My deepest sympathies to you and your family. The best things in life were never able to be bought or sold, but were gifts from God wrapped in frail bodies that are easily led astray by deceptive things like drugs. We have to look past all that to see the real miracle. Your miracle was named Eric.