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In memory of John Ramos

Created by Family Of John Ramos

John Ramos

Me and my friend John were best friends since kindergarten. We did everything together and had such great times hanging out. I lived with my dad and John lived with me (both of his parents died ina car accident). John has lived with me since the 3rd grade. My dad was a heavy drug abuser, but he supported us and made sure that we were ok-- not getting hurt or doing something wrong. John and Istarted smoking marijuana at the age of 13 and began doing Ecstasy and acid three months later. We loved doing drugs and how they made us feel, especially after a long day of school.It wasfinally summer and my dad hada big raise in his job and we moved to Georgia.John and I had no connections to drugs. My dad was out for a bit andI was looking for marijuana. I came across a bag filled withcoke. Ihad to take some,I was craving asomething. John and I each did apretty big line and loved it from the start. Not too long after that we started shooting coke and smoking crack on a daily basis. It was all we had for that time. Then we found a new drug dealer. We had money saved from selling drugs, so we bought some marijuana, coke, and Ecstasy. We smoked the weed and felt a little funny. We havent smoked in a while since we were using coke, thenI felt a strange sensation throughout my body. I realized that the weed was laced with PCP. We had no idea what was going on, it was crazy.Wea littlestrange the next couple of days. My dad began giving us problems and I knew it was the crack, he had been smoking it all day everyday for a week. He was being a jerk to us and John and Iran away. We had weed, coke, and Ecstasy on us. We both took ecstasy and smoked a bowl of that PCP laced weed. That night was insane, we had an expierence to remember. The next day we gathered up some change and took a train back to Lake Worth. We lived in an apartment and luckily the guy across from us was a dealer. We bought weed and helped him sell to make money and we used the drugs with him. About a couple of weeks of doing this our dealer brought us into his room and whipped out a two bags. One filled with crystal meth and the other had heroin. I have heard of meth but never did it. That night we did some meth and shot some heroin, low doses though. The next day... something terrible happend --our dealer got arrested for possesion and armed robbery. We still had meth and a little heroin that we promised to sell. We did it instead of selling it, we craved more a few hours later. We had no connections to drugs, a little bit of money and a apartment. We walked around outside and went into a CVS store. Inside we found something new, something that would make things a little easier. Coricidn cough medicine. We stole two boxes of the Coricidin and a box of Vicks 44. We each did 16 coricidin pills and drank half a bottle of Vicks 44. John looked at me when the drugs begam to peak and he said, "Dude, look whatI have". He pulled out a bag of heroin and a syringe. We shot some heroin and we got so messed up. There was enough for another shot,I told John not to, but he was high and shot another dose of heroin. A little while later, he told me that he body felt clammy and cold. He said that he was blacking out and he fell to the floor and started to have a seizure. I had no idea what was going on and had no idea what to do. I watched my best friend die, right in front of me. After all that we did together. I told him not to that last shot and I could of helped him. I then went into a shock and passed out. I woke up at 3pm and saw John on the floor with the syringe sitting next to him. I cried and yelled,I stomped on the syringe and I had to call the cops. The ambulance took him away amdI had to go into rehab for meth, heroin, dxm, coke, and marijuana. It was a long process, but whenI got out,I felt like crap, knowing that my best friend died. I moved back in with my dad,I had to. He gave up crack and pain killers, itwas hard for him but he started smoking weed when he had the urge to smoke crack. Itdidn't work at firstbutI made sure he stayed away from crack.But, he went back to smoking crack and shooting coke. I didn't know what to do, i was trapped in a situation that i had no idea what to do. I had no choice, i took crack from my dad and smoked some. I smoked more and more every couple of minutes... Finally, i just blacked out and woke up in the hospital. I had to live in this place where they taught me to stay away from drugs. It wasnt rehab, it was something else, but they stayed on top of me and watched my actions making sure i stayed away from drugs. Two and half years, im out of that rehab place and on my own. I went back into a school and made good grades and eventually went onto college.It was hard to get back into school, butI did. My dad went to jail for possession and bad parenting support. I got a girl friend and moved into a pretty nice house and stayed clean for 2 and half years. I miss my friend John, i can't bring him back, but I'm going to live the life he would of wanted...........

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