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In memory of Brian Hornung

Created by Family Of Brian Hornung

Brian Hornung

My loving brother, Brian, passed away one year ago, July 19, 2006, a day I will never forget. I will never forget that phone call that I got from my mother and the painful days, weeks and months ensuing so full of sadness and heartache.
Brian tried several rehabs, but they didn't work. While he was in rehab though, he was a new person, the real Brian. After he got out of rehab, that person wasn't my brother. The drugs were a demon.
Iwish he was never addicted to drugs and alcohol. I love andmiss my brother so much. He should be here today with his family and daughter. He left us too soon. I thought we would get old together. He was going to get sober and my whole family was going tomove to Utah to be with me. He told me he was going to get sober. That was the plan that never happened.
My dad always said that something bad was going to happen, but we never dreamed it would be him gone. We thought he would end up in jail or crash while on his motorcycle.
I wish I would have visited him while he was in rehab in Arizona and encouraged him more and let him know that I loved him so much and that I was proud to be his sister.

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1. Megan Fritz
I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
2. Julie
I'm so sorry for your loss.
3. Angela Gwynn
Rhonda, many times sibling grief is overlooked. But, your grief is unique. My sons are going through the same feelings as you, after the loss of my son Dallas, their brother, to an accidental heroin overdose. The bond between brothers and sisters is a powerful bond. Your whole lives were intertwined. Your memories, your thoughts and experiences of life.Brian knows with his perfect knowledge how you loved him. Your brother will never leave you all alone. ~Peace and Love~ Angela Dallas'Mom
4. Nancy Bragg
Hi Rhonda, Brian did a side job for us a few summers ago. He re-did our basement. He did a beautiful job. My husband and I became friends with him and really enjoyed his company. He was an awesome awesome guy. Always had my daughter laughing. I am so sorry to you and the family for your loss. He is missed. Nancy