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In memory of Dale Louchart

Created by Family Of Dale Louchart

Dale Louchart

My cousin died on January 12, 2008 at the age of twenty. He was my best friend. We were together everyday from a young age up until we wee about fifteen and sixteen.
Heroin was not what killed my cousin. However, if not for his addiction to heroin he would be standing well near me today.
Due to his heroin use, my cousin made some very bad moves in his life. Some of the things that he did landed him in jail. While he was in jail he caught some kind of infection that he died from.
We still have not found out what it was exactly that infected him. But, I believe with every piece of me that I can blame it all on the heroin he was so addicted too.
I would really like to spread his story out to others. He did not die from the drugs, but from the choices he made because he was using drugs.

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1. Julie
Thank you for sharing your story, Megan. I'm so sorry for your loss.
2. Deborah Guina
Megan, So sorry for your loss. Dale sounds like he was great guy. I lost my son Matthew on Feb. 1st of this year, so I know how hard it is for the family to go on without them. I know how the drugs takes control of their lives and the choices they make. I will pray for you and your family.
3. Diane Boyd
I am so very sorry for your loss. My son, age 48, is tryying to fight for his life. He was on Crack and now has 90 days clean. But, we are still praying for his strength to stay away from the drug. It has been a nightmare. he mood swings, the lying. God bless you. Diane- a mom
4. Angela Gwynn Mother To Dallas Nguyen
Megan, I am so sorry about the loss of Dale. Jesus! Each time I come here I see another beautiful human being lost to drugs! It just doesn't end!! I lost my beautiful son Dallas July 12th 2007 of an accidental heroin overdose. I never believed there wouldn't one day be an end to it...I always believed he would win his battle. It is too heartbreaking for words. There are no words for such a loss as this. I am sorry, and I understand is all I can say. Peace be with you....
5. Katie Perez
I never knew you, but I also never knew that Heroin could kill someone so fast. I hope your life was great and I wanted to let you know that God is waiting for you in heaven. May this not happen to anyone anymore. It wasn't your fault.
6. Elaine Davidsmama
Dear Megan, I'm so sorry you have lost your cousin/brother. Drugs steal our loved ones from us in one way or another. I pray you will find some comfort and peace. You have lots of friends here. We have all lost someone very important to us. I lost my son to methadone toxicity. Please keep telling your story of love & loss.You will change someone's life.Please go to to visit the memorial for my son. We are losing too may beautiful people.Keep in touch.Phil 4:19 P
7. Stephanie Carmichael
I will pray for you and his family. I wish things were better.