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In memory of John Coleman

Created by Family Of John Coleman

John Coleman

John was my little brother. He had a heart of gold. He would do anything for anyone, including take his shirt off his back to give to another that needed it more than him. Thinking back during our childhood, Johnny loved to sing and preach. I can remember back when we were kids him preaching a pup into heaven. His voice was beautiful, and he always wanted to make it in the singing world. He did go once to Star Search. He has three beautiful girls, who he loved with his whole heart. Johnny's drug problem started some time ago. We are not sure exactly when but it did start with drinking, then on to heavier things. His biggest problem was pain medications. I would get so mad at him for the drugs. I tried countless times to talk to him about not using the drugs. Of course, he would always deny he had a problem. However, it was obvious there was a problem. When he did admit he had a problem, he would tell me he stopped using. Or, he would tell me that he was in so much pain that he could not live without the pills because of medical problems he had. Johnny was a jokester, always had a good joke to tell you or make you laugh. He was a simple man and he loved his family. He was a hard worker and he was proud of what he owned, little or large. To him what he had was the bestbecause he earned it. Johnny, as I said earlier, loved to sing. His voice was beautiful. I remember one time in particular while traveling home with him a few years ago, he sang a song he had written for his girls. Tears were coming down his face because he missed his girlsand he had not gotten to see themfor awhile. It was a beautiful song and he sang it with his whole heart. Johnny could melt your heart in a second, and have you laughing the next. I will miss him forever and cherish every minute we shared. RIP Brother. You are greatly missed and loved.

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1. Jen Thacker
Beautiful tribute to your brother. Drug abuse in this nation isn't taken seriously enough. I recently lost my best friend/husband to a drug overdose. My heart breaks for him. For you and your family. God Bless you.
My son Robert G Winn passed awway this year from meth. I know how hard it is. I put up a web site called He was the same age as John, 38. GOD BLESS YOU.
3. Meagan Coleman
I wish I could have heard the song he wrote for us, I miss him so much and it is not getting any easier. I loved dad with all of my heart, and I still do. I wish that he wasn't gone. I wish that he was here with me. I hate that for the last couple years we didn't get to see him or talk to him. I called him when ever I could. When one of my friends had their phone I would call and we'd talk for hours. I cried so much the night he died. Mom told me and for about an hour, I refused to believe it.
4. Leann Jackson
What a beautiful tribute to your brother. I am so sorry for your loss. I know the pain you must be feeling having lost a sister to drugs many years ago. It is a painful time. Embrace the memories you have of him and hold them near to your heart. God Bless.