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In memory of Mercedes Clarke

Created by Family Of Mercedes Clarke

Mercedes Clarke

We had just moved to a new city, my sister had to be the new girl, at a new school.She quickly made friends. All the boys wanted her. All the girls wanted to know where she got her clothes, how she did her hair and her makeup. She became best friends with a girl named Maddie. They spent every waking hour together, had sleepovers, everything you can imagine. Two days before she was to start the ninth grade, she made a mistake that changed my family's lives forever. She had been at the park with 2 friends, who had 2 ecstasy pills that they had bought for $10 from a man off the street. About 2 minutes after, my sister popped the pill. She began to complain of being dizzy, not being able to see, and having a horrible headache. She then fell to the ground into a seizure, her friend Steph, ran to a nearby family members house for help. Within 25 minutes, she was at the hospital put on life support in the intensive care unit. During thethree days that my sister, Mercedes, was at the hospital she had many convulsions, multiple heart attacks, and many resuscitations. After six seizures, her temperature sky rocketed. They did a CAT & CT scan on her brain. Her brain showed no activity. That one tiny pink pill had rendered her brain dead. I stood there watching her. Her lungs would rise and fall from the machine. Staring into her eyes, that were once lively and so colorful now looked dull, and had no life in them. The next day, my mother was given permission to take my sister's body ( as she's a licensed mortician). My mother got to prepare and wash my sister's body for the funeral. Sometimes, I feel like it's my fault that my little sister is dead. She wasn't allowed to even go out that day, but I told her if she didn't say a word to mom about it, then she could leave for 3 hours. Sometime, in those 3 hours my sister made a mistake. I want all teenagers to learn from her mistake. Everyone thinks of E as the "party drug" and as a drug that does no harm. Well, you're wrong. It does lots of harm and damage. To end this, I love you with all my heart my Mercedes. I'll never forget you. You'll always be my baby sister. I'll see you when it's my time to pass.

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Guest Book


1. Angelica Real
Rest in peace Mercedes.
2. Theresa Basting Mother Of Jason Basting
Codie sweetheart it wasn't your fault.It was her time to pass. It's unfortunate that it had to be that way. If it hadn't been like that it would have been some other way.Just know that you will see her when it's your time to pass.Gods peace and love will carry you through.
3. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Codie, You were a good sister. Mercedes would tell you that. She would tell you, "There is nothing to forgive." There is a unique bond between siblings. It can never be broken. Sometimes, my surviving sons keep it in, allow guilt to eat at them. Talk about her. Talk about you and her. Talk about it until you are exhausted. You will always miss her, love her, need her. Take the hands that reach out to touch you. It is a long hard road. Never stop telling her story. I wish you peace and
4. John Kelly Sean Patrick's Dad
Codie - Mercedes is young, beautiful and made a bad decision, but it isn't your fault at all and please don't torture yourself over the what if's. Yes she will be terribly missed, but the tragic story may stop one person from even trying drugs. May God bless you your family. Peace.