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In memory of Meroko Yui

Created by Family Of Meroko Yui

Meroko Yui

All names in this story have been changed to preserve the privacy of those involved. Meroko Yui was my sister. She was the closest thing I had to a best friend in this world. Her love is unrequited. Meroko had a hard time in school and a hard time being part of the family. I was probably the only one who talked to her apart from our other siblings. When our parents divorced, all of us fell into complete despair. I got attached to Meroko, and her to me, trying to help each other as best as we could. We comforted each other as we went from dad’s house to mom’s house, and going to school. Until the day my father told her he did not care about her. Meroko felt a lot of pain. All she wanted was someone who cared for her and loved her, and so did I. We both felt better because we had each other. Until the day Meroko started doing drugs. She told me she thought it was the best way out of her depression. She was wrong, so wrong. Meroko started to party and use ecstasy with excessive alcohol drinking. Then she started to do a lot of meth. At one of the night clubs she went to regularly, she met a guy named Lizu Mio. He used the drugs she did, and they started to become good friends and develop a relationship. Even though I tried to tell her to quit so many times, her new boyfriend would come and pick up my sister, go party and bring her back home very late. At that time I was only 15, and didn’t know what to do to stop my sister. I found out months later about her partying and drug use. She has had a good relationship with Lizu, her now former boyfriend, but she suffered much because of it. People tried to get in their relationship like Kuto Tira a former pain the neck for my sister. In the end, however, she is considerably softened and finally realizes that she has loved Lizu Mio all along. Meroko, when she was alive, met Sitsuki's grandmother's best friend. Sitsuki's grandmother, Puzuki, was engaged to be married and Meroko was a 19-year-old girl. One day, they both met a violinist and the trio spent much time together from then on. Meroko fell in love with the violinist, but he loved Sitsuki's grandmother. The violinist, I discovered, was Lizu Mio himself who my sister loved. He became engaged to Puzuki and her former fiancé was passed on to my sister Meroko. When she was told the news, she rushed to Puzuki's house to see if it was true and caught Puzuki and the violinist kissing, then abruptly ran off. Later on, Sitsuki's fiancé tried to rape my sister and she ran away in the rain. Depressed and suicidal, she took ecstasy and drank as many cups of alcohol as she could. Meroko slit her wrists and bled to death. This was the great hit Meroko could not endure. That day, November 15 of 2007, I lost my best friend. She was all I had in the world. Thank you for reading this memorial. If you know someone who is using drugs, please tell them to stop because everyone has a reason to live. Just like my sister said, "Smiles and tears, giggles and laughs, late night calls and cute photographs. I'll be there for you until the day of my death, best friends forever until my very last breath."

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Guest Book


1. Astra Miles
I am here reading of your sister. I feel so bad that you have to go though this, but keep your head up. When the sun rises, when you see that frist rays, talk to her and she will hear you. She will let you know she was there to hear you. It might sound crazy, but I am a Native American and it helps...
2. Brittany Herrlin
My heart goes out to you and your family. Over a year ago I lost not just a great friend but someone who was like a sister to me.
3. Angela Gwynn Dallas' Mom
Meroko had too much sadness in her young life. Her death was a tragedy. A uselss tragedy. I am so very sorry for your loss of her. For another beautiful light that has dimmed in the world. Your story moved me. Thank you for sharing it. Please continue to share her story, everywhere you can. Love and Peace from Seattle.