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In memory of Dallas Nguyen

Created by Family Of Dallas Nguyen

Dallas Nguyen

I was not the mother who believed I would ever sit down to write the story of her son's death. But I am forced into the realization.. I am that mother now. The same mother who took her baby to D.A.R.E classes at school. Who expounded on the attainability of happiness from one's own inner beauty. The mother who lectured endlessly about the dangers of drugs..."drugs kill baby". They kill. On July 12th, 2007 my beautiful son Dallas died of an accidental heroin overdose. He was 19 years old. Three months away from his 20th birthday. To most people my son was just another statistic in America. An endless statistic. But statistics are numbers. They are not names or faces, not loves or joys, beauties or dreams. Statistics are not remembered for their worth in the world. Dallas was an amazing human being. He was so compassionate to others -- the underdog, the homeless and the lost. He was kind. Gentle in his soul, never quick to judge a person or assume of their circumstance. I could not have been more proud of the human being he had become. Looking back, I could not sit here today and say that any one defining thing in my life, other than being his mother, has ever given me more happiness and blessing. Dallas was an old soul. But he was a kid. Just a beautiful kid, who drifted down the wrong road one day and could not find his way back. The demon which found him as that vulnerable kid, pursued him relentlessly. It gnawed at him, made him loathe himself for what he was doing and what he had become. But always he was, who he ever was deep inside, under the smothering weight of his addiction. I ask myself and others, how can a soul so deep and beautiful ever find that door that opens, that will irretrievably alter a life forever? It is an epidemic of inconsolable loss. It is hard enough for adults to battle addiction, what a monumental, almost insurmountable burden of pain and bewilderment it is for kids. People have told me that he wasn't a baby anymore, that he had free will to make that choice each time he did heroin. Knowing the risk of death. But what is free will in the face of such a demon? Dallas, like so many youth, believed in his protection of invincibility. Addiction is not take it or leave it. It is take it or die, to the one addicted. And to so many addicted kids, they cannot get the help they need in the very programs that are designed to help them. There are financial obstacles, waiting lists that can be as long as 6 months, there may be a lack of support systems at home, and the stigma of "the junkie". The list goes on and on. The deaths go on and on. I want my beautiful baby's life to mean more than his death! Dallas leaves behind three brothers, a sister, a father, an aunt and two uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends who loved him like a brother, all the people he touched in his life including the stranger.. and me. He leaves behind dreams and goals. Dallas was a self taught musician who was on the verge of realizing his dream of starting his own band here in Seattle. He was one of the truly gifted. I can't rest thinking that he would be known as just another statistic.. "just another junkie". A junkie is not a beautiful kid who wanted to live and love, dream and sing, draw and write. A junkie, is not a brother who listened to your problems and comforted you. Talked to you after a nightmare and through a bad day. He is not a son who told you how beautiful you were, how he remembers when you told him he should always give up his seat, for a lady on the bus. Who made a wooden boat in shop class and called it the "Best Mommy Ever Boat". A junkie is not a friend or a stranger, who puts his hand on your shoulder and gives that smile..."It'll be okay one day man, it'll be okay." Things need to change in this country. NOW. Addiction needs to be painted on buldings, on billboards and on the desks of lawmakers. The programs need to be overhauled. The funding for programs first on the agendas of our politicians. It needs to be nailed into the foundation of this country. Into the hearts of every person who loves somebody else. We fought a long hard battle, my son and I. Ultimately.. he walked alone with his burden. I would have given my life and gladly... if he could have had one moments peace. I will never ever again, be the same human being I once was. I will always be looking backward towards a dream, a hope, a face that is forever lost to me and to the world. When I think of who he could have become, what difference he could have made...I find myself down on my knees. I used to write letters to my son about life and hope -- about all the love in my heart. Now, I write to myself. He will not read them. I must continue to write, to save someone, someone like my son. And to save myself. If I can.

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Guest Book


1. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Amanda, how beautiful of you to share YOUR story with me. It makes me so very happy to know you are NOT giving up. I am thankful for that. Sometimes it can feel so useless and one can feel so unloved. But I swear your life means eveything!! Now there will be someone to remind you how loved and needed you are. You have so much to teach. Stay strong, stay alive, stay hopeful!! YOU ARE LOVED!
2. Tia Otto
My son, Jerod, 24 years old died June 9, 2009 from the same demon. He was brought in the hospital unconscious never to wake up. He was on life support for a week. When I had to make the decision to discontinue life support was the hardest day of my life. Jerod was such a loving a considerate child. He was loved by many. When Jerod was in the early stages of his addiction I tried to seek out help with no success. I was told over and over the state would not pay for a drug program unless he wa
3. Kelly Sallie
Your story has caused me to weep uncontrollably. I didnt know Dallas, but I did know heroin. I often wondered why i was spared, why i was given the gift of recovery...when so many much more worthy than me were not. 13 years later, i know why. So i could become a Substance abuse counselor and do what i could to help someone else. I now work diligently 24/7 in the field of addiction and i am still just as frightened by the drugs as i was many years ago. You are not alone. So many want to see th
4. Lisa McEntire
It is going on 2 years now, Angie, since Dallas's passing. But, I still haven't forgotten him and I NEVER will. He has touched my heart forever. He knows he's loved and missed and what a wonderful mother he had..and always will have.. :) Love friend.. ~Lis@~
5. Amanda H
Cont'd... I am now 7 months pregnant and want to be a clean and sober mother. The only thing I can do is educate my child and be there for him. It really is hard to keeep a child from opening PANDORA's box... CURIOSITY!!! I can only hope and pray that through my story and education he won't open that door. Thank you for sharing your story. Hearing your story helps me remember that I have family that loves me and I CAN'T give up. GOD BLESS
6. Amanda H
Hi my name is Amanda and I am so sorry for your loss. I am an addict. I was born addicted due to mom using while pregnant with me. By the age of 14 I was fully addicted to cocaine. Opiates came later and now at the young (not so young) age of 26 I am a heroin addict on my road to recovery. Your son is NOT a JUNKIE or JUST a STATISTIC!! HE IS YOUR ANGEL AND SON!!! It's very hard. I struggled for years. 9 overdoses and my last overdose caused severe memory loss. Cont'd...
7. Rose Constantino
Dear Angela, I applaud you for telling your story about your beautiful son Dallas. I also lost my son Frankie, 4 years ago. He was 23, he died of an accidential overdose on heroine. Him and I were and still are very close. For the people who do not have any idea what our children and us parents go through, they are blessed. Try getting up everynight to see if your child is still breathing and alive. My son is the most wonderful person there is, he would give money to any poor soul.
8. Anela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Merry Christmas my beautiful beautiful child. My heart is full of you... empty without you. It will never mean what it once did to me, but Christmas was your favorite season. You were looking so forward to it. I know sometimes, you were disappointed... but you never let on, you never said anythig but loving and good things. You were such a good human being Dallas. You had the best quality heart, a Christmas heart, a baby blue heart. I love you eternally my beauty, my baby. Merry Christmas...
9. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Sarah, you could not know, never, how hearing this today has blessed me beyond what I can say. I am so grateful you are alive. So blessed by your words. Please, don't ever give up. Please... never give up the fight. I swear by life itself, you are loved, you have a purpose and you are never alone. Life will be beautiful again, just believe. You stay alive... do you hear me? It means the whole world... Love, Love.
10. Sarah Stasium
I just read your son's memorial and I can't stop crying. I myself am a heroin addict. I've been clean now for about 4 months and as you know that is about 120 mile stones to a recovering junky. Today I had an overwelming urge to get high but it was too late to do anything about it. Then I saw Erin's story and read your tribute to her. It compelled me to visit your story. I need you to know that you made me realize why I am clean today, because I also died (I was dead for 20min.) God saved me.
11. Alex Meiners
I joined the army back in July and the one year mark from your passing was during basic training. I prayed for you and your mother, knowing that what I felt had to be no where near what your mom felt. The only tattoo I have is a memorial for you, a necklace with a guitar pick with your name and the date you passed inside over my heart. Everyday I get dressed, I look down and am reminded of all the times we spent together. I miss you Dallas, we'll meet again in heaven one day. rest in peace
12. Jennifer Smith
Thank you so much for the sweet words you said about my son Billy. And yes, I do agree he was beautiful. And I have to say the same, your son was so handsome. I am truly sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is. Believe me. Everyday is a struggle, without our angels here. I would like to keep in touch, ok? God bless you and your family.
13. Jennifer Lamanac
Angela, Thank you for your tribute to my son-Aaron Mason. I too never thought I would be a mom in this position either. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. My heart hurts daily and I cry all the time. Your son sounds alot like mine, kind and thoughtful. I always thought Aaron had an "old soul" too. It sounds like God is taking all the good ones home. Thank you for your words. We are now bonded forever in grief. I will also be doing anything I can to raise awa
14. Susan I
How do I keep him safe? I read where 1 mom told her son of drugs repeatedly only to still lose him. Coming from a family of substance abusers my little boy has no chance. He like your son Dallas is bright and caring and means the world to me. I can't imagine a day without him. I still cry some nights for the loss of my brothers. I never want to have to cry for my son. Please tell me and mothers of the next generation how we can protect our children when nothing seems enough.
15. Susan I
I don't know if I should post here or not. I never new Dallas, but I can't stop myself from crying as I read of his life. I had 3 brothers. One died of a heroine overdose, another of Aids due to drug use, the last of my brothers will be in prison until my son is 12- he is 8 now. He has been there since my baby was 10 months old. My sister has been in and out of prison for drugs. I am the only one of "the kids" to escape. Reading these and other tributes, I'm so very afraid for my baby!
16. Sheila Taylor
Angela, That was a beautiful memorial you wrote for your son. My heart goes out to you. Your sentiments totally echo how I feel about my son Sean. On September 16, 2008 at age 21 he was murdered, shot and killed trying to buy drugs in a bad neighborhood. He started using when he was very young and became addicted to heroin and cocaine. I'm still in shock and cannot accept that he is gone. What a senseless waste of such a beautiful and well loved person. He will always be in my heart.
17. Kristie Tanner
Thank you so much for the kind words. You said it best, we will not let Jordan's death go away. We are promoting prescription drug awareness. Signs, bracelets, pamphlets & newspaper articles. I hope you find peace daily as you grieve for your son. What a wonderful boy he sounded like. So senseless. Peace be with you.
18. LouAnne Nagel
Dallas, it's been a year now and your mother's words have touched so many hearts. You must be so very proud of her. Please watch over and protect Alex, as you did in Middle School. He is in Fort Knox, Kentucky. His tribute to you etched over his heart as he begins boot camp, will be a reminder of how great a friendship can be and how horrible it is to have drugs end such a promising life here on earth. Watch over him and remind him to be strong. I miss you, Dallas.
19. Trish Gwynn
It's been a year Angie since you asked me if anybody would ever remember him. I read these messages and I know you have your answer. These beautiful people don't even know him and they remember, you've shown his precious soul to the world and they've responded. I only wish he could have known how much he meant, I wish all the lost souls could know how much they mean, how much they matter. WE REMEMBER HIM, ANGIE. I REMEMBER HIM. I wish I wasn't so far away today, my beloved sister. I LOVE you!
20. Kelly Scott
Thank you for reading my brother's page (Steven Parker). I cried so hard after reading about your precious son. I am crying for your loss, and mine, and all the countless others. God Bless.
21. Debbie Henderson
My heart goes out to you. I to feel your pain. I lost my only son to methadone at 19, he was only 12 days away from turning 19 on October 26,2007. My life and my spirit will never be the same. But, Dallas and KJ are walking the heavens together and have sent you and I together to walk this path until we meet them in heaven. God Bless. Your Friend Debbie
22. Terry Beernaert
Angela my heart aches with you. Thanks for visiting Tawny's page. Both our children's struggle with this monster of a disease sounds so similar. I read Dallas's Tribute many nights ago and found your journey with him so familiar. We have something in common that unless someone has experienced it they could never know the pain. I feel the same way you do that things need to change in this country My heart is with you in your pain. Terry Mother of Tawny Johnson
23. Jillian Maloney A.K.A Ricky.
Angela, I am so appreciative that you took the time to read my memorial for Pierce. But I am, in all honesty, extremely sorry for your loss. Your son seems like he was an amazing kid. I hate Herion and addiction. It takes away people who shouldn't deserve to die. But keep your head strong and don't look back. I know it's going to hurt, but it's worked for me. Sometimes I'll still about it, but I'll smile, because I know in all truth, he's better with God than he ever was here. God rest his soul.
24. Sherry V
I did not know your son, however the things you wrote really struck a chord with me as I have known a few people who've struggled with (and some who've lost the battle to) the demon that is heroin addiction. No one is "just a junkie". Like your son, every single person I've known who has become addicted to this drug was, in fact, a sweet, caring, tender-hearted person. I hate that "junkie" stereotype. People need to look beyond the surface. Anyway, I am sorry for your lo
25. Bonnie Benis Angel Bubba's Mom
Dearest Angela, My heart is with you. I know I have told you many times but I feel so much a part of your world. I will forever keep Dallas on Our Angel, he is as one of mine now. Thank you for sharing him with me. I know your pain and I would give anything to have our babies here with us. Your story is mine also, only the names are changed. My heart went with these kids and I will always love them as I do Bubba. God bless you and Thank you again. All my love Bonnie...Angel Bubba's Mom
26. Theresa Basting Mother Of Jason Basting
Angie, thank you for your visits to my son myspace page and the gifts you leave. I think of your son daily and know how much you miss him. It seems that it is the lovliest ones that leave us so early. God's peace be with you Angie.
27. Michelle Erkfitz
Dear Angela, Thank you for sharing your son's story and life. I know the heartache you suffered trying to help your little boy. Those of us who have lost our loved ones understand the painful life they struggled with- the worldly name of addiction. YOU are so RIGHT & I hope ALL HEAR- we need CHANGES in the world we are partaking in. Somehow we all need to ban together on this war of addiction. God Speed to your Dallas & my Daniel!!! PLEASE PRAY daily for a change. AMERICA has to CHAN
28. Dr. Joanne Cacciatore
He who has gone, so we but cherish and adore his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than even those living. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery I am just so sorry....
29. John Kelly Sean's Dad
Angela - Just thinking of our boys and how numbing it all still is. Peace and God Bless.
30. Heather Polack
Dear Dallas, it feels like only yesterday you were sitting on the steps of my apartment pondering on what to do. You were so young, and so innocent. I miss you more than you will ever know. Those years we lost contact, I still thought about you everyday. It breaks my heart. I love you, you will always be in my heart Dallas.
31. Jean Grabau
Dear Dallas' Mom: I found this site only after my brother created a memorial for his son, Sean Kelly. I see that your son was a lot like my nephew. Dallas was handsome, artistic and caring also. Know that I will keep you in my prayers. Rest assured that Dallas is free from his worries and addiction, and is lovingly watching over you. This is what we have to believe to keep going. My deepest sympathy and respect to you and your family. We will all be together again soon...
32. Mary Lewis
God and Dallas have led me here to this site and your memorial. I know it. I am at the beginning of my battle against this evil. I suspect, therefore I KNOW, my son is involved with drugs. I just started researching this morning and I found myself here. Your words give me strength. Angela, your beautiful son will help me save mine. My son is 19. He will be 20 in October. Dallas is our angel.
33. Angela Soules
My prayers are with you and your family. I also lost my nephew, J.D. Browning to herion in 2006. Continue to stay strong. God Bless.
34. Deborah Guina
Angela, Thank you so much for your kind words about my son Matthew Benjamin. My heart aches for you and all the other mothers who have to face this never ending feeling of loss. Your son Dallas' personality reminds me a lot of my Matthew. He sounds like a great guy. Maybe he and Matt will find each other in heaven and become friends. I will be praying for you too! Deborah Guina
35. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Anyone, at anytime, can contact me via The Grieving Room or at We are, all of us, unwilling survivors. All of us in pain. We do not have to go through this alone. Most of the time, we feel we are alone, that nobody can really "get it", me included. We can reach out to each other....
Thank you for your comment. Please tell me how I am supposed to go on? My son was everything to me and now i feel so alone and out of place. I ache all the time and wish God would just take me now so that I could be with him, but I have a 16 year old daughter. I feel so list in this world. Can you please help?
37. Victoria Pattison
Dallas, I only know you because of the beautiful tribute your Mom left for my son. He too died of an accidental overdose. He just turned 21 and God decided He wanted Carlo just as He wanted you. We will never understand it and our lives are forever changed. I can SO relate to the feelings your Mom is battling. She has such talent in expressing it in her writing, and she truly has touched my soul. I can feel her same pain and someway we must go on in this world. Look up Carlo- He was a drummer.
38. Eric Pudlak
Dallas, I love you and I pray everyday for you. I have a scar on my heart from this tragedy. You will never be forgotten. Dallas, you are one of a kind and no one can match you in any way. You can not be defeated, long live Dallas Nguyen. I love you bro
39. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Oh, if only all of you could know what it means to me that you remember Dallas. Your words, your thoughts... they save me. They save me. Somedays are so hard. So very hard to live without him that I wonder how I can do it at all. He was half of my soul. Half of my heart. Now half of me exists in the other world, and half floating through time here. Oh, he was a beautiful child, an exceptional human being. If he were forgotten, I couldn't go on. Thank you for remembering his beautiful existence.
40. Alex Meiners
It's gettin close to a year now. You've been up in the clouds w/ god. In two days I'm getting my tattoo finished (a chain that wraps around my neck w/ dallas 7/12/07 inside a guitar pic). I miss you bro, I really do. Rest In Peace my friend. I'll see you again someday.
I am so sorry for loss of your son Dallas. As you know, my son Robert passed away last June in Reno from meth. The pain seems to never go away. If you would like to post your son's story on my son's web site go to GOD BLESS YOU.
42. Eric Pudlak
Dallas, you are a very strong minded and talanted individual. But on top of that, you are my best friend. Me and you grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida and you will never be forgotten in my heart. I think about you everyday. I love you Dallas.
43. Sharon Huber
There is something about a mother's love that is like no other. I grieve with you. Perhaps Trevor and Dallas are jamming somewhere together.
44. Denise Warner Kenneths Mirandas Mom
I am so sorry for your loss. I too have lost my 15 year old to drugs. I feel your pain. May God be with you.
45. Elisa Hollandsworth
Your words about your son are beautiful, as I'm sure your son was. I too am the mother of an addict. My son is only 15 and currently in his 3rd rehab. We are scared to death that drugs will be his 'end'. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Your son will NEVER be just a statistic, and your sharing will and does touch us all. Even if it only helps/stops one person from using. God bless you and your family.
46. Katie Ramirez A Friend Of Brandon Makowski
Your story really touched me considering I am in a similiar situation. I am speaking from a good friends point of view, not a mothers, as you read in my story of my friend Brandon. To me, I believe that heroin is the devil. So those who abuse it are truly possessed by it, doing things and making desicions that are not what they would normally choose. They are in better places now, both Brandon and Dallas, and the only thing we can do is pray for them, and know that they are finally at peace.
47. Khristi Stump
My heart weeps with every word of your tribute to your son. You see my son is also a Heroin addict. Like you, when I look at him I do not see a "junkie." I see my little boy, sweet faced and perfect. I see the baby that God blessed me with, the father of my grandchildren, the love of my life! His addiction is taking all that away from me, and I hate it! It has been 8 months for him. He has quit once, but has relasped in these past few weeks. I am afraid my son will die! God help us.
48. Navarone Dallas' Brother
The day the best brother in the world was taken, my world crumbled. I never thought the brother I could always talk to, who understood me, my hero, my friend could leave this world. He was funny to talk with & be with. Honest, caring, loving & understanding. He loved his family & he was the most gentle person I know, even when the demon called heroin took hold of his life. No one knows how connected I was to him. I know my brother is in peace. Now he knows what heaven is like. I miss
49. Katie Ramirez
[continue from below]. I pray for Dallas and your family. May he rest in peace.
50. Cryssie Pudlak
Hey Dal, I think about you everyday still and cry when I think about you. When I see a picture of you, my heart breaks a little more each time. Everyday I think about Mr. Nibbles and Alby and me straightening your hair for you and just last summer us playing truth or dare in the middle of the night by the pool at the apartment complex. We had fun. I remember you saw Scarlett the first day I got her and you called her a little Diva cuz she was dressed up. I miss you Dal. You were truly an amazing
51. Mario Dallas Little Brother
continue from the one below: Dallas is more than a loving, peaceful, fun brother and person, who didnt deserve what happened to him. I know in heaven he is resting in peace where he is never hungry, he is never tired and no worries. He shall forever be never forgotten in my mind and heart. Sincerly, your J.R.WEEZLY Mario
52. Mario Dallas Little Brother
Dallas was a good brother. I couldn't ask for a better brother. He cooked for me, played video games with me, he skated with me, and bought me things even though he didn't have a lot of money. He could of got cigarettes or diet soda, because that was all he drank, but he would get me candy. He got me games. Sometimes he would take me out to eat. He would talk to me and give me advice I needed. He listened and understood everything I told him. I wouldn??t trade him for anything in the world.
53. LouAnne Nagel
The news of your death has left a void in my heart. You were one of my son's best friends for so many years. Your eyes had a sparkle, a "knowing" that reached far beyond your years. I pray for your mother. I have read her pain as if it were my own. It could have been my own.
54. Cryssie Pudlak
I am so sorry for your loss. I live in St. Pete. Just down the road from where he used to live. We went to Elementary School, Middle School, and High school together. He and my brother were best friends when they were younger. I just found out today about Dal. I just wish I could take all the pain away. I am so sorry. I miss him and love him and hope his journey was a painless one.
55. Alex Mark And Richie
Long Live Dallas Nguyen, Rest In Peace.
56. Dals Granny Hicks
only go to bed if someone is with him. You made such a difference in his life Dal, now your gone and he is lost. All your brothers have said that YOU were the only person that really understood them. It's so rough on all of them. I am here for all of them, but at times I stand around and don't know what to say to them to help make them hold on. The person that has left, has no idea what is left in their absence. The devil's tool took another bright and loving young talented soul and the world
57. Dals Granny Hicks
is so much worse off because of it. I know you are around the ones you loved and that loved you honey , your presence is felt and that does help in small ways. Your life and death will make a difference, your Mom is seeing to it. A life may have already been saved form the work she is doing . we miss you Dal and we love you more than you know. LOVE GRANNY Ps... It's been raining here in the North west, you would love walking in it.
58. Dals Granny Hicks
Hi baby, Oh it has been a very hard 3 months since you have been gone. I don't feel that any of us will ever really believe you are not here. It's like you just went on one of your trips home or working around, and you'll just pop up when we least expect you. Then.... I talk to your mom and I hear the utter sadness in her voice and how lost she is, and I know it's true. Your brother Jr, can't sleep in any room alone at all, he would rather sleep on the bathroom floor with the lights on, and will
59. Erica Perez
Yesterday was your 20th birthday. I know for sure we would have talked to you and wished you a happy birthday. I still can't believe it, I dont want to. From the moment I woke up, till the moment I fell asleep I thought of you. Why'd you leave? I hope you knew how much we cared about you, I know you did. So many memories raced through my head yesterday. I loved what you meant for us, what you were and what you weren't. Please keep Steve safe, he misses you so much. We love you. HAPPY BITHDAY BRO
60. Angela Dallas' Mom
My son, today you would have been twenty. But now you will always be just nineteen. There wasn't enough time baby, not enough time for us. I remember everything. From the moment you were born, to the time they took you from my arms silent, already in some other world. This life I have left will never be the same. No happiness complete without you. I would give my soul, to see you once more. There will never be a moment of my life I will forget your beauty. I love you baby.. Momma Oct.10 2007
Hi, my name is Monica and I lost my son. My son died about two months ago and it was also because of heroin. Your story is the same as mine. My son was murdered and the cops will not do a thing about it. They just blow him off because he had tatoos. I miss my son so much. He was my best friend. He always made me laugh. He was very silly. I wish I could be with him again so that I could hug him, kiss his cheeks, and touch his hands.
62. Angela Dallas' Mom
Dallas, days are dark and black. Cold and numb. You took the sun and moon with you. You took the universe, folded into tiny squares. I don't blame you baby. Never ever. But where can I dispel all this sorrow if the universe is gone? Oh Dal, I know if you could have saved yourself, you would have saved the whole world. If I could save just one now, just one... I could save you too. In your memory. There has to be at least one someone. I miss you so much Daly. I love you. Momma loves you.
63. Melissa Springer
Angela, My heart goes out to you even though we don't know each other. I lost my brother July 21, 2007. He was addicted to Heroin also. He was in a 3/4 house finishing up his treatment. I still can't grasp the idea of him being gone. It's like a nightmare that I can't wake from. I hate what the worlds coming to. It's just not fair. I'll keep you in my prayers.
64. Erica Perez
Dallas you left us behind we assured ourselfs we'd all be together again. You were the only thing i was sure of in the middle of this awful confusion.We think of you everyday you took all our hopes and dreams for a better life,a life were we'd be happy and no one but us was incharge.Me and Steve are always thinking of you we love you and we wish we could have all started the dreams we had together.everything around us the way we are all the true beauty in our lives is because of you. I only wish
65. Erica Perez
we could have been there with you, you were waiting for us as we were waiting to be with you and now we will always be waiting for you dallas we love you
66. Mary Jo Alessio
From one Mother whose son transitioned in an untimely death to another Mom, I hear your pain. My son died May 12, 2005. He would have been 22 yrs old that July. Beautiful gentle souls that left us too early. No, our sons are more than statistics.... They have a plan a purpose and that was cut short by the insidious nature of addiction. I have created a myspace site for my son as well as a memory site on and There is also another site:
67. Grandma Hicks
Oh Dallas, You are and always will be an inspiration to what true beauty is. My heart feels the depth of your loss in unbearable pain. I only hope that someday, I will be able to gaze upon your pictures and not have my heart drop to the floor with a shattering, piercing loss. Please help us all to understand. I LOVE YOU... Grandma In WA.
68. Bonnie Benis
Dallas you will always be remembered and love. My thoughts and prayers are sent to you everyday. Stay close to your Mom and the ones whom love you.
69. Elaine Davids Mama
Families of 'death by drugs' are indeed in a very unique club.We have hearts for people who most others shun and yet we cannot give up.We don't want another sweet soul lost or another family to feel this deep sorrow.We hope for a better future but live in reality that someone else will die before it comes.18 is legal age but many children are not ready to accept the accountability forced on them by addiction and society's attitudes toward them.I pray for peace in your life!Phil 4:19
70. Danny The Joker
Dallas, I only wish I could have known you better. I only wish we could have talked. I only wish I could have saved you from the evils of todays society of the right of passage. Your only fault was being young in a drug-crazed era. You were many things but a junkie was not one of them. They say that the Lord takes the good ones first and that only the good die young. I'm now a believer. Bless you brother, bless you.
71. Trish Gwynn
Ahh Dally. Like your mom I hate the thought of people thinking you were 'just another junkie' You were so much more, truly sweet of soul and I regret so much the times when I got impatient with you. It's so hard for people to deal with the ones we love who are addicted and so hard for us to really understand where you were coming from and why you couldn't seem to be able to free yourself when you had so much to lose. Instead it's us who've lost you. Peace & love of G-d find and keep you Dal.
72. Debra Reagan
Angela, You are right Dallas was not a junkie, he was a beautiful person with the disease of addiction. It almost seems that the ones with the most gentle spirits are the ones that cannot carry the burdens of this world. Thank you for sharing your story. Dallas's life will touch so many others. Hugs, Debra Reagan
73. Alex Meiners
Dallas... The day I heard you passed away I died a little inside. You were such a powerful, smart, and driven person. Why the lord drove you down the road he did is still something I'm trying to understand. I would have gladly risked my life to save yours, as I know you would have done for me. We skated together, grew up in the same neighborhood and even got trespassed from the same locations(for skating). I will always love you Dallas, writing this tribute breaks my heart. RIP DALLAS NGUYEN
74. Grandma Lieve Gwynn
Dallas, You will live forever in our hearts and in our dreams Please watch over your siblings. We love you and miss you.