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In memory of Matthew Hamrick

Created by Family Of Matthew Hamrick

Matthew Hamrick

I met Matt when I was 15 years old at a local coffee shop. He just walked up to me and said, “Hey my name is Matt and I'm gay.” He was gay and proud. Me and Matt stayed friends over the years while he was on and off of drugs. I was never sure exactly what all drugs he did because I was not a user. My husband and I (boyfriend at the time) moved in with Matt about six months before he passed. I was pregnant and we needed a place to stay for a little while, so he opened his arms to us. Matt was doing really well while we were there but our stay was only temporary. He was off of drugs while we were with him. I think our being there made it easier for him because he always had somebody to talk to when he wanted to relapse. We stayed with him for about a month but then my man went to jail and my mom wanted me to move back in with her and my dad -- so I did. After we were gone Matt started going downhill. Matt came with me to a few visitations at the jail and we hung out some and then by the time my man got out of jail we saw less and less of Matt. He lived an hour away from us so it was difficult to spare the gas to go see him and vice versa. The last time I talked to Matt, he told me he was in trouble because he owed his dealer money. I didn't have money for him so we went our separate ways and I never got to see him or talk to him again. I tried calling but his phone was cut off. About a month later he died. He had a gun shot wound to the temple. They say that it was suicide but I have a hard time making myself believe that. He was in a crowded apartment -- his drug dealer's apartment and he was found in the bathroom. It was said that nobody heard anything -- no gun shot, no nothing. I feel it in my heart that all of it is a lie. My Matt was murdered. Even his psychiatrist told his mom that Matt was not capable of killing himself. Matt was afraid of guns also. Matt was cremated so I feel like there will never be any closure. I know that it is not my fault that he died but I keep telling myself that I shouldn't have left him or that I should have went to see him more or called more but I didn't. Matt was so excited that I was having a baby but now he will never get to see my son, Benjamin, grow up, and my son will never get to meet the guy that meant so much to me. It will be 2 years at the end of March and I still cry when I think about him.

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Guest Book


1. Michael Hepler
I never met Matthew but he made a huge difference in my life. I'd lost one friend, and thought I was going to loose another. The other is alive today, his name is Roger. I also want everyone to know that Matt seems to come through Roger. I am so very sorry that Matt had to leave every one he cared for. But, even in leaving, he reached out to save others. All that knew Matt know that he lives on in others he saved. Matthew, You ARE a wonderfule Person, and Thank You for Everything.
2. Roger Esquivel
Is Thanksgiving day, and im still alive, healthy, all thnaks to you Matt...i know u are having a feast up there with the big guy...but i know days likethisare gonna behard on ur family..even knowing i havent meet em yet..hope i will soon...GOD BLESSYOU Matt..uare my angel..i just wish i can do something to repay you, Happy Thanksgiving Mathew.. Your brotherRoger Esquivel
3. Roger Esquivel
... GOD BLESS YOU MATTHEW HAMRICK If u want to know more about it email me... I even have Matt's phones numbers but I dont want to chuck them with the news. I know they know about me, but I dont know if you do. Jeanna Walters if you read this, please email me.
4. Roger Esquivel
I never got to meet Matthew Hamrick but I am alive becouse of him.I am Roger and I was in the Hospital in Charlotte, at the CMC, and I got a new heart transplant on April 5th 2005. I know it is his heart because a friend of mine found out the information. So yes, he saved me. My heart, that muscle that is keeping me alive, is Matthew's. I was just browsing the net when i found this site and read the letter of his best friend. I'm not going to into details, but WHERE EVER U ARE MATTHEW HAMRICK
5. Marissa Chantorn
Please keep on with life. Nobody needs to have another person fall behind. You stayed very strong for Matt and he will never forget that. He is in a better place now.