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In memory of David Trent

Created by Family Of David Trent

David Trent

As I travel through this process of grieving, I find that what I say about losing my son changes with the stage of grief I am in. Having said that, I will attempt to tell of the incredible love I have for my son and how that love has no person to touch or hold in this side of Heaven. I will attempt to tell how grief over the death of my son is an incredibly painful change in my life that I am still not willing like, in fact I hate it.

David was a beautiful baby boy who grew to be a clever little boy who grew to be a handsome young man. He was always a thinker and a hands-on and hands-in-everything person. He was never afraid of anything so we never knew what he was up to. He liked to experiment with "stuff" and as a boy, he would make 'potions' by mixing things together to see what would happen.  He loved video games from the time he was very young and it grew as he grew.

David was the only boy between two girls -- a sister 14 months older and another 9 years younger. They loved each other and hated each other as brothers and sisters do. But mostly they loved each other. David was tall, blond, quite good looking, and very smart. He could talk to anyone and his last job was as a salesman. He loved that job and the people he worked with. He loved talking to customers and making new friends and he was very good at it.

Our family fought the battle of drugs and the drug culture for years -- always loving him yet being so angry. We didn't know what to do with all the anger.  We supported him emotionally when were able to, we visited him in whatever program or facility he was in, changed our lives around and gave up a lot in life for him. We were always thinking it was just a matter of time and he was going to be on the other side of this obstacle in his path. We were optimistic and looking forward to that awesome day.

Although drugs were a problem, having enough friends was never one of David's problem -- having enough sincere, true friends did prove to be a problem for David. I have learned that drug dependency does not promote true friendships, but rather creates lots of "fair weather friendships". These friendships are not based on trust or compassion, but on self-indulgence and fear. He did however, have a few close friends and one or two he could truly count on. One of those close friends found David after he died. I can't imagine the crushing hurt that caused him.

It's hard to wrap my head around a person's willingness to continue doing drugs that will maybe....cause their death. I have not been able to spend a whole day without crying or getting to the point of tears. I find myself moving aimlessly through life, sitting, staring, without thinking. Most days I would prefer to sit and not think. I miss him so much and there is no word known to man that expresses that. In fact there are no words at all that make any difference in the way I feel.

But I do know that my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. He supplied all of David's greatest needs by providing a Savior who only asks that you trust Him to tell you the truth. David fought a Goliath (drugs) so large he could no longer keep up the fight, so the Lord Jesus showed up at David's apartment one day late in September of 2006, took him by the hand, and walked David home to Glory. I find comfort in knowing that one day we will see him again. At that reunion we will find David healthy, strong, and filled with joy beyond our mortal imaginations.

If you are reading this memorial, I pray that you stay alive long enough to trust Jesus to tell you the truth and make Him a TRUE lifelong friend of yours. A friend who will stick closer than a brother. Since we don't know how long any of us has here in this life, why not talk to Him now. It's talk -- Jesus listens.

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Guest Book


1. Julie
I'm so sorry for your loss.
2. Barbara Allen
Bless all our children, who like David, lost their lives to the disease of addiction. My son, Jim, died from this disease March, 2003. He was 35 and fought the good fight. Jim was my greatest teacher in life and continues to teach me even now. As I write my book for parents who've lost children to this disease, I am learning and meeting so many wonderful, struggling parents. I'm gaining surrogate "kids" through pictures, life stories of far too many who also struggled and are now gon
3. David ILoveYou
Another new year has rolled around and we miss you as much now as we ever did. You are my sweet baby boy!!
4. Jennifer Smith
Hi, I am Billy Wilson's mom. Thank you for your tribute to my son. I am so sorry for your loss of your precious son. God truly is taking the best. I will keep you in my prayers. Try to remember our sons are at peace with the Lord. We will see them again, I can promise you that. God bless you aways. Jennifer[Billy's mama]
5. Theresa Basting
Elaine, I am always sorry when yet another mother understands my pain, but also grateful that we are here for each other. God's peace be with you. Terri
6. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
I want you to know, I have not forgotten David, or you either. I read his story again from time to time. Still disbelieving our sons names are here. I am still bewildered, as are you, and I guess we always will be bewildered in some way... all of us. Know that David's story is still read and that I think of how you are. Love and Peace.
7. Mama Lovingly
My sweet David.... I miss you everyday. I wish you were here sometimes but I know you are better off where you are. We keep hearing of people dying from methadone. Who is selling this deadly drug???Why do they wish to kill people???You are in my heart and in my soul, you are part of me and I will never be the same.
8. Mama With Eternal Love
Dear David I can only say I love you. It never ends! It always lives!
9. Taylor Zach Wood's Sister
I can't help but think of you everyday. I miss David everyday. I will keep both of ya'll in my prayers. With love, Taylor
10. Victoria Pattison
As I read the tribute your mother left to my son (I lost my son Carlo Gonzalez to heroin 2/2/08), I felt a special connection that only we mothers can understand. We feel a pain unlike no other and wonder if we can ever go on. But, we know that our savior will carry us every minute of the day. I know you boys (you will ALWAYS be our baby boys) are with your heavenly Father at peace-finally. So, we will go on until we are together again. Only this time it will be for eternity.
11. Your Mama
My Dear David, Merry Christmas. Even if we didn't see you much, we could always count on you being home on Christmas. Christmas will never be the same without you. I love you and really miss you. I wish I would wake up and this would all have been a bad dream. Keep watching over Camren, he is such a blessing. His face is so sweet and he is so much fun to be around. Phil 4:19
12. Mama I Love You Always
David. It's November 24, 2007 and it has been over a year since we lost you. I still love you with a love that is still alive because you are still Heaven and in my heart! I find myself talking as if you are here and I think maybe you aren't really gone. You have just relocated, your e-mail has changed. Thank you for being my son and such a 'good guy'
13. Shiena Sheawa Gilley
Hello Betty, Well I am sitting here just thinking about how much I miss you. You know days go by and I get more and more depressed about everything in life and I have no one to talk to. I know I can't have you back around to talk to you, but it is nice to be able to write you here and maybe you'll be able to here my words. David, I love you and if I could have one more chance to hug you or tell you how much I enjoy being around you then I would be so happy. I am glad you are not in pain anymore.
Hi, I am Daniel's mom. I am sorry for your loss. Your son sounds alot like my Daniel. He was not afraid of anyone or anything. He loved taking things apart and putting them back together. He could fix anything. He was good with his hands. I miss him so much. I don't want to live without him. I needed him and I never wanted him to go away. He just had a new baby boy that he loved so very much. How do I even live without my Daniel? He was my best friend. He was the only one that made me laugh.
15. I Love You Mama
Sweet David*****It has been one year and the pain is still the same. But the memories and hope of glory hold us together. I wish I could get a glimpse of your new glorious body and look into your peaceful face. Not a day goes by without thinking of you. Your friends miss you and have been a real comfort to me. Thank you Lord Jesus for the time with David you gave to us. Thank you that in spite of the troubles we complained about at the time, we have nothing left but love in our hearts for David.
16. I Love You Mama
My sweet baby boy!!!I miss you still. That will never change. Today is 1 week from the 1st anniversary of your going home to glory. We plan to get together and remember you and your humor, good looks, the love we have for you, and enjoy each others company in the name of David Lee Trent, Jr. AKA Betty. You are always in my heart and on my mind. We all miss you!!! Thank you for the love and forgiveness you taught us!! Phil 4:19
17. Angela Gwynn
Elaine, I am privileged to read David's story. I, like you, could not believe the risks these kids took when they had so very much to live for. But that is the evil of addiction. It is that one time, they open the wrong door. I see my son everywhere in my city. And yet, he is nowhere to be found. I am inconsolable. I always will be. If only they would have known the utter devestation left behind... But addiction doesn't allow for that does it. I send you peace, from Seattle Dallas' Mom
18. Mama Loves You
David, you are missed so much by all of us. I pray for your friends who are still using and those who are gaining sobriety. Let's not loose another without telling them about the Saving Grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Go to for more on David and his message! Praise the Lord!!
19. Debra Reagan Clint's Mom
Elaine, Thank you so much for the tribute on Clint's site. It touched my heart deeply. But I am afraid that when they updated Clint's site, they may have lost the wonderful tributes. I have asked them if they can put them back onto the site. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son, David. Thank you so much for sharing David with us. You expressed in words many of the same feelings we had. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Debra www.clint-reagan.memo
20. Katie Gabriel's Mom
Yes, Jesus gives the Peace that Passes Understanding. But, it still hurts when our beautiful children move to Heaven. I know they are in a better place, no longer tormented with the pain and guilt of addiction, but we miss them so much. Thank God for His Grace and thank you, Elaine, for sharing about David...
21. David's Mama
You have been such a good friend to so many, David. Your ministry will continue as you show people how to forgive and be forgiven and find their way home. Together we will "pray 'em home!'
22. I'll Always Love You Mama
David As I continue in this grieving process, I am learning more and more about myself and the Lord of Lords and how life is not what we think it is. So many things do not matter and yet I get bogged down in them to the point of despair before I realize what's happening. Help me to stay on this learning path so that I may fully know the Lord and his will for me and your legacy. There will be a day on which I will see you again, but I pray that while I am still here you and I can together shine
23. Dulce Hudson
Your story has provided comfort for me. My nephew Eric passed away on June 1, 2007 from a cocaine overdose and I could have replaced your son's name with Eric's. I thank you for sharing your story. My 32 year old nephew left behind a beautiful 20 month old daughter and a family that loved his positive attitude. He too faced addiction, but always came out okay. I thought he would be in rehab again and be ok, but God took him this last time. I hope others realize 1 more time- drug may be the end.
24. Jodi Schaffer
I am so sorry for your loss. I was addicted to meth for over 18 yrs and have been sober over 18 months. I am only sorry your son did not find n.a before it was too late. I will keep you in my prayers.
25. Elaine Myers
Dear David, Just to let you know I love you and miss you. You have taught me so much. See you in Heaven. Mama
26. Elaine Myers
My Baby Boy, Yesterday was your birthday and day after tomorrow is the 1 year mark after Justin died. This has been a very sad week. I'm so glad you are where you do not have to feel such sadness anymore. We just received pictures of Camren. He ROCKS!!! I see you in him. Watch over him and keep the drugs away. I miss you so much. It's like the very air has been taken out of my lungs. I hope you liked the balloons and the new plant. I took flowers to Brian and Justin today. Love you!!!! Ma
27. Elizabeth Azor
I am so sorry.