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In memory of Prescription drugs kill

Created by Your Loving Family

Prescription drugs kill

My son got in an accident in May 2006; it messed up his face pretty bad 61 stitches. That wasn't the worst however he then got out of the automobile to an old man who brandished a gun and tried to shoot him, his girlfriend and her father. In the end the Sweetwater CountyHighway Patrolshot and killed the man. This sent my son on a downward spiral of an addiction to presription pain killers. Percocet, Oxycotin whatever he could get. He liked OTC cough syrup and we found bottles hidden everywhere in his house. We knew he was messed up but he was 26 years old an adult. He had a girlfriend who was an addict and had entered not on her own free will the state mandated her to drug treatment.When I went to the house it was dark and theyboth werealways sleeping. I thought maybe his was from the neurologicalproblems he was having with his face.He held a good job down making good money, owning his own home and a nice truck. I would pick him up everyday and take him to work and make sure he was home at night. We felt like we were doing everything we could to help him. Finally 2 weeks before Christmas he called me and told me he had decided to go into drug treatment.We were thrilled and he entered the drug treatment center as an outpatient on the 14 Dec and came home to stay with us where he felt safe. On Dec 17 we found him dead lying next to his girlfriend from Methadone Poisoning. We were devasted the cure killed him. He had such a bright future he was so close tohis bachelor'sdegree. He could have done so much but instead he lost his life to a prescription drug addiction.We need tofind better ways of dealing with opiate addictions besides another addiction and a dangerous one at that.

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