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In memory of Gary Michael Stacks Jr.

Created by Family Of Gary Michael Stacks Jr.

Gary Michael Stacks Jr.

My brother, Gary Michael, was an incredible brother, friend, son, uncle, daddy, husband, and friend. He had a terrible addiction to drugs that stemmed from some post traumatic events. You can say he self medicated himself to relieve his pain.
My brother was not a bad guy. I hate the label that people put out there about drug users. They are not all bad people. Good people make mistakes. My brother sought help for his problems and was refused help even though they knew he had mentioned suicide. My brother was refused help because of the lack of insurance. When our family finally found a place we could afford, they told him to come back the following Tuesday. My brother didn't make it because on May 10th 2008, he committed suicide.
I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It's a pain that you can't imagine unless you've experienced it. I encourage anyone that has someone in their life with a drug addiction to get them help a.s.a.p. We thought we didn't have the money for his rehab, but we sure came up with the funeral money. It's just an example that you should do what has to be done.
We didn't ever think that Gary would take his own life. Don't underestimate the possibilities!!!!!
Gary Michael leaves behind a beautiful daughter, Maddie Grace Age 1, and an adorable son Gary Michael Stacks Jr.3 Age 2. He leaves a wife, April Stacks, a mother, Carolyn Stacks, his father, Gary Stacks Sr., a step mom, Carol Stacks, a sister, Charquetta Selph, and me, Tiffany Williams. Gary also left behind 4 nephews, Chris, Eli, Kelton, & Austin, 2 nieces, Bryleigh & Makayla that loved him very much.

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1. Julie
Thank you for sharing this memorial story with us. So sorry for your loss.
2. JamesAllen Cochran
I can not believe you are gone Gary Michael- I will never forget you kid. I know that your in a much better place now. I loved every minute I have ever spent with you kid. Love ya soooo much! See you soon! James Allen
3. Asia Byrd
I am so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel, my older brother committed suicide and he was not on drugs or anything. I don't even know what he was so depressed about and that really hurts because we were so close and he didn't talk to me about what was troubling him. Stay prayed up. God Bless.
4. Toni Gregg
I lost my brother to suicide 5 years ago today. His name was Joey and he was addicted to drugs, mostly crack. It started with weed and drinking, and just went from there. He left behind a son Micheal. Joey wanted help, but my mom didn't think he realy had a drug problem. He was smoking crack everyday, all day. I hate drugs so much. I hope I never have to experience this with my children. You will be in my thoughts. - Toni
5. Howard Burket
Tiffany, first let me say sorry to you and your family for the loss. Reading your story we could change the names, but the story is the fairly the same. Even the (birth ?? death) years are the same for your brother and my son. I feel the same about some of your conclusions. Looking back at the what if's, although I don't fully understand addiction ever sense my sons passing, the should haves and what if's haunt me daily. That must be what they go through daily x 10.
6. Jaynie Crist
I am so very sorry about your brother & I understand your pain. I lost my husband Joe 23 months ago to alcohol. It's a series of questions and guilt. I pray that you all can forgive Gary & yourselves as this disease is truly demonic and steals the hearts, minds & souls of not just the person using but all who love them. Please be kind to yourselves. I pray that you find peace as I did in the knowledge that the demons are gone and they are themselves again in a better place.
7. Samantha Bishop
I am really sorry about your brother and I know how it feels to lose a loved one. My dad became addicted to prescription drugs, not by his choice. He had cancer and the doctor put him on so many pain medications that he became addicted, but he went to rehab and he has been clean for about 3 yeahs now. I really am sorry about your brother, he seems like a nice guy. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel really bad for you.