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In memory of William Scott Simmons

Created by Family Of William Scott Simmons

William Scott Simmons

Scotty struggled with a drug addiction to Methamphetamine AKA Crank, Crystal Meth. Ultimately, he lost his life to the drug.

As long as I have known Scott, he always snorted, and on rare occasions, smoked the drug. But then he had started shooting up and as a result he got a bacterial infection (cellulitis), which he probably thought was just an abscess.

Afraid to go to the hospital, he more then likely tried to treat it himself.  When he realized that he couldn't and it was getting worse, he then went to the hospital. He had waited too long. It had turned into staph + necrotizing fasciitis = "The flesh eating disease."

They pumped him full of antibiotics. He lived for seven days, but his body just could not fight the infection. He went into septic shock, then he went into cardiac arrest, and then he died.

Scotty was a wonderful person and loved to be helpful. Here is a link to his story Double Click Here   Please take the time to read his story. If Scott's death can reach out and help just one person, then he died not in vain.

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1. Julie
I'm so sorry for your loss.
2. Elaine Davids Mama
My sympathies to you. This kind of loss is horrible to say the least. Thank you for sharing Scotty's story. I'm sure it will help many as they struggle with addiction and how to handle it.It is also helpful to their families so they can make decisions being more informed about the dangers of drugs.I bless you and hope you find happiness and peace. Check out my son's Phil 4:19
3. Jake Flabe
I give my sincere apologies to you and your family.