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In memory of Erica Hefley Coffey

Created by Family Of Erica Hefley Coffey

Erica Hefley Coffey

Erica was my firstborn child. From the moment Iwas pregnant with her, I was sick --they say beingsick is a sign of a strong-willed child, and I do believe it. She was always very smart. Her teacher told me that she was like a sponge and soaked up everything as fast as she could. She always earned straight A's and had perfect attendance -- she was an over-achiever.When she was alittle girl the other kids made fun of because she wore thick glasses and had ears that stuck out. She was smarter thanmany of her peers and as a result, was thebrunt of a lot of jokes.She never did drugs until she was in her lateteens and I think she did them to make herself feel better, or to escape reality. Her Grandpa died when she was 15 and that's when things began to get crazy. I didn't help herbecause I was going off the deep-end as well. I never thought anything like this would ever happen to Erica --she was too smart and too sweet to be the victim of a drug overdose.
My life is completely sad now. I try to be happy, but I can't.
Her brother has sadness in his eyes most of the time.
Her Dad is going in for chemotherapyfor his brain tumor next month and he is hoping to die so he can see Erica again.
My Mom, Erica's Grandmother, cries all the time.
Erica's cat died a week after Erica.
I told my son that the cat must have known Erica needed her up there.
There are some unanswered questions about the way that Erica died. The only one that was there was her husband and he is not talking to me. He had her cremated and kept her ashes. She was planning on divorcing him soon and they were having problems, soonly God knows exactly what happened... the rest of us just have to wonder.
The toxicology report showed 4 drugs in her system and she had been drinking earlier that evening, no one knows exactly how or who gave her the drugs, so they call it an accidental overdose.
Her loving husband is still driving her car and running the escort agency out of his home and off the internet using Erica's pictures as bait.
I'm so sorry this has happened to Erica.
I miss her everyday and I will always love her.

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