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In memory of Terry Dennis

Created by Family Of Terry Dennis

Terry Dennis

I feel as if I have known Terry since birth. He was a lifetime friend of the family and as close as you can get to being a brother. He was the type of person who would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need and would help anyone anytime. He was single with no children, and had served in the Marines for 10 years!
I was painting my living room when the D.P.S pulled into my driveway. I saw the search lights through the blinds and walked to the door. I went to the street and asked if I could help them with something. He asked if I knew Terry. I stated what has that rascal done now! He explained to me the reason he was here was the address on Terry's drivers license came back to a trailer that I had rented behind my home.
I asked if Terry was in trouble and he asked me if I was kin to Terry. I had the strangest feeling and by the look on his face I knew he wasn't here to try to serve a warrant. The hour was late around 11.00 p.m. and I explained to him I was as close to a brother as he had and he asked me if I knew where his next of kin could be located. I knew right then he was gone.
I spoke with the office and told him Terry's mother was in bad health and she lived a block over (that's why Terry rented my trailer to be close to her so he could help her). I also told him of Terry's younger brother, Timmy. He asked if I would mind going over to Timmy's house with them and telling the news. I told him of course.

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Guest Book


1. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Thank you Michael, for giving tribute to Terry here. I am sorry you have lost this good friend... this brother to you. May you always remember what you meant to each other. Peace from Seattle...
2. Vicki Strausbaugh
My heart is breaking for you and your family. God be with you. I know how the family feels because I lost my son due to an drug overdose. It is the most heartbreaking thing a family can endure. May God bless your family. Vicki